Early Morning Workout

As usual I woke up early, so I grabbed my cup of coffee while I checked facebook…my normal routine. But soon afterwards I decided to head out to the gym. I arrived there about 4:35am and was slightly surprised to see so many cars in the parking lot. Guess I ain’t the only early bird around here.

I started out on the treadmill. There were about 10 other people in the room on treadmills & elliptical bikes. They televisions were on so we could watch either the morning news or music videos. I was more interested in watching some guy upstairs doing stretches by himself.

Anyways I was on the treadmill for 15 minutes before I moved over to the rowing machine for 3 minutes. When I returned to the treadmill for another 15 minutes, I was in front of a mirror that allowed me to see the people behind me. To the left was an skinny old guy that made me think of “father time” complete with the long bushy white beard. Next to him was a younger guy that had enough muscles in his arms & chest to make me think his photo could be on some muscle magazine. Well watching that odd twosome was still better then anything on television.

Well after my second round of my 15 minute walk on the treadmill, I went over for another 3 minutes on the rowing machine. When i finshed with my cardio I walked around the gym to check out all the brochures & business cards that advertise different health stuff in Vegas. I even picked up something about isogenix for my roommate,  seeing as I know she likes that.

I joined a gym

My roomie & her teenage daughter had signed up at a gym but they haven’t gone to it yet. They always seem to have some lame excuse for not going. This week I decided to check it out for myself.

There are 6 facilities in Vegas for the Las Vegas Athletic Clubs, with 1 about 10-15 minutes away from home. It’s open 24 hours a day so I can go whenever it’s convenient for me.

To figure out what my starting level is, they had me step on a special body composition scale. Now how does that scale know the difference between fat & muscle? Beats me, but it said I was 43% fat. Hmmm, that’s a bit high…almost 1/2 my body is fat. Wow sounds like stroke city to me.

Got assigned to a trainer that showed me a few different cardio machines. While I was on the treadmill. He said my heart rate was to high for the little effort that I was doing on the machine. There were others near me that were running on treadmills. I wasn’t walking all that fast on it but my heart rate hovered around 129-133 beats per minute.   I refuse to compete or compare with the runners in the club. As long as I keep doing better then I did yesterday and don’t aggravate the arthritis in my knees, then I will consider myself a winner.

Afterwards he demonstrated how to use the rowing machine which I seem to like.

Then we tried out the elliptical bike. Now maybe because I was already tired by then, but my right knee did not like that machine at all. I started breathing as if I had just done a marathon  and was having a hard time keeping up a conversation with the trainer. I quickly shut the machine off & told him that I was done. He asked if I wanted to try the stairmaster machine. Nope, I was done for the day.

I was only in the gym for 30 minutes. That’s not a long time by some people’s standards, but by this couch-potatoes typical way of living, those 30 minutes was a big step. I will go back and concentrate on just the treadmill & rowing machine for the rest of the week. I’m sure the trainer musta thought that he would never see me again.

Sometime after I get more comfortable with being in the gym, I want to check out their classes. They have yoga, belly dancing & a bunch of exercise classes done in a pool. I figure those should be easy on my knees. I have never tried belly dancing and assume that would be fun.

The trainer did ask me a few questions about nutrition and suggested that I learn to carry water with me in the car, so I don’t feel the need to buy soda when I’m out driving around. That will be easy enough to do.

My Sweet Gherkins

Now I had stopped buying pickles for myself over 14 years ago. But yesterday I bought a  small jar of them and ate some with my lunch today. They were pretty good. Good enough to have more tonight with dinner.

      Funny how 1 little food item, can make soooo many memories….times when my mom used to make a variety of pickles every year when I was a kid, or when my ex – fiance (R.I.P.) hated pickles and always complained when fast food restaurants would automatically put pickles on every sandwich.

     Anyways, I am spending Christmas by myself again, only this year it’s with my jar of gherkins & a store-bought pumpkin pie. I hope the rest of you are having a nice holiday, as for me I will be glad when the holiday season is over.

Job Wanted: Now!

I have been searching for jobs that don’t require any cards…food handlers card, a health card or a TAMS (alcohol) card. Which means no jobs in a restaurant, hotel, daycares,  gas station,  casino, or any cafeteria in schools, nursing homes or hospital.  Well that takes care of alot of places in Vegas.

So what’s left? There are a bunch of telemarketing jobs around. I have applied for part-time jobs at Target, Kmart, Toys-R-Us, AT&T, and I have an interview tomorrow with a company called RGIS for an “Inventory Taker” position.  It’s for doing inventory at different businesses like Walmart,  Family Dollar, Sally’s Beauty Supply, The Burlington Coat Factory,  Kohls, Home Depot, Big Lots, 7-11, and also medical pharmacy places.

Now I just have to find some business casual clothes & shoes to wear for my interview, color my hair and hope I don’t run out of gas before I even find the office. It’s in a part of the city that I don’t go to very often. Having an excuse to go shopping might be fun if I had any money to shop with.

If I get this job hopefully I don’t have to drive my own car to stores and have to prove that I got insurance because I did not pay my insurance last week, so I probably don’t have it anymore.  I need a job before I can even make my car payment next month. Geez, it’s almost like I am to poor to work…to poor to pay for my car & to poor to pay for cards.

New Look for a New Life







I ended up spending a long weekend in Maine, babysitting my grandson’s cat while my daughter and the kids went on a trip to CT. Before they left I had my daughter cut my hair real short.




I figured it would be easier to deal with in AZ, with the new job at the snack bar.  My daughter gave me the purple blouse for my birthday…so now I got 5 shirts. 

Anyways, I have the Google Earth app on my tablet, and have been checking out the Desert View in search of the employee areas. In all the time I lived in the Grand Canyon National Park before, I have not really explored much of that area. I assume that must employees don’t unless they live there, because it really is soo isolated. With the app, I found the campground, snack bar & gift shop and a few other buildings that I never knew existed. The snack bar where I will be working is open from about 8am-6pm during the Spring & Summer, and 9am-5pm during the Fall & Winter.

So I am sure to have plenty of time to write…actually I have to restart my novel because all my writing got left behind at my brother’s house, I may also be able to learn about astronomy and the history of that area. Seeing as my digital camera also got left behind I won’t be taking as many pictures. This tablet I am typing on now has a camera but I don’t really expect to be online much to post pics while I am there. Mainly the tablet will be used to read the dozen of free books I downloaded this week and to play games that don’t require internet service.

This weekend the temp is in the 20’s here in Maine and it snowed yesterday, while the Grand Canyon is enjoying the sunshine and temps in the mid-50’s.


Forced Into Minimalism, and Thriving

I had gone down to Manchester, NH; to see about getting a live-in caregiver job. While I was there we all came to the realization that it was not going to work out. I also was notified that I wasn’t allowed back to my brother’s home.

So the only belongings that I had with me was 3 pair of pants, 2 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 1 hoodie, 1 beachtowel, 1 pair of purple slippers, 1 pair of white shoes, 1 coat(that isn’t in the picture), 1 pair of purple gloves and 1 hat, and 1 set of PJ’s and luckily I had my wallet & my tablet in my purse.  When i went to Walmart to buy some yogurt I also bought a pair of purple jeans.   It all fit in 1 travel bag. 

I found the camera battery charger in a pocket of the bag, but unfortunately the digital camera got left behind at my brothers house. I also left my birth certificate and a bunch of other paperwork that I will be wanting later.  Well with everything I own now in 1 bag, it definitely makes traveling a whole lot easier.


Yesterday, I got an email stating I got a new job in AZ. Wow, talk about perfect timing. A job with a cheap apartment for $25/week rent. It’s in a very isolated location….poor almost nonexistent internet service, 26 miles away from the post office, library and anything else. But right now the housing is the most important thing.

Later I will have to buy black shoes & black poants for work, after I get to AZ. But I can handle living with 4 pants & 4 shirts for my free-time wardrobe. It’s less to carry around, less for the laundry, and less to store in a closet. Oh hell, all my clothes now fit in 1 bag so I don’t even need a closet.

Winter Weather

This picture was taken from my aunt’s front step a week or two agoImage

it was about 25º outside this morning…just 2º warmer then Anchorage, AK. We got some more rain & little bit more snow. Today is my oldest son’s birthday. He is in Hinesville, GA, Where it was about 66º today.

I have already had enough of this cold & icy roads. If I ever get this disability stuff taken care of I will he spending next winter back in Phoenix.