My Hardest Diet

After my friend, Richard, mentioned that he was going on a low-carb (keto) diet; I found some old posts that I had made on another website about being interested in different low-carb diets. I guess that I was doing my own research about it years ago.

Obviously I wasn’t all that serious about it then because I never gave up the carbs, and never lost much weight for any good length of time. With all my digging through my old writings, I could only find my lowest weight to be about 155# and that was back in 2009. I have about 25-30 pounds to lose to get back to that weight. 155 is not my ideal fantasy goal weight, but at this point in my life it would be nice to see that number on the scale again.

Well Richard, you definitely got me thinking about keto diets again. My wifi connection at home doesn’t want to stay online for more then a few minutes at a time, but I was able to download a few kindle books about keto diets. I also skimmed through some interesting websites called “ditchthecarbs” and “dietdoctor”.

While I was homeless in Georgia, most of what I ate was carbs. I ate enough carbs to last me a lifetime. It seems like homeless people should never starve to death with all the free food (mostly carbs) given to them every day. Hey I didn’t say that they would end up healthy…just that they won’t starve. Actually even a poor person with no money to buy their own food can still gain weight while homeless in Georgia.  I know because I gained over 20#.

Now that I am no longer in Georgia,  I have been eating more salads and putting fresh produce in a Blender. Sorta making up for being deprived of the really good stuff.  I ain’t saying that my diet is now perfect because it’s far from it. I will still mindlessly eat a bakery product without even thinking or crave a milkshake….which I found out this morning has about 60 carbs in it. 

I used to have a boss that had to remind me to FOCUS about every other day. Well now I just need to remind myself to stay focused on this diet. If I keep snacking on the same things all the time, we’ll then of course the numbers on the scale will continue to go up & down like a yoyo. Believe me, there are reasons why this website is called yoyoliving.

So far today, I have done pretty good.  The Schwan’s truck stopped for one of my housemates.  I ran out to catch him before he left, so I could buy the frozen broccoli with cheese sauce. It was my favorite veggie to eat when I lived at Desert View.  I would of liked to buy some of the Alaskan salmon and cod (unbreaded) but I don’t own any pans to cook them on. Right now I am going to heat up a cup of water to dissolve a chicken bullion in. My mom used to give that to me when I was sick as a kid…and my annoying cough is still lingering.

Have a Sunny-Day everyone 


My Week

After returning home from Flagstaff, I went to the clinic inside the national park.  I found out that I have an ear infection along with the flu. Seeing as I had the flu so long before coming into the clinic there wasn’t much they could do for it. But I did get a 3-day supply of antibiotics for the ear infection. It was a new medicine and not very effective in my opinion. But I found some old outdated amoxicillin, that must have been when I went to the dentist years ago. Yes, you ain’t supposed to keep medicine for 1.5 years, it supposedly loses its effectiveness.  But I am now taking 1-2 a day and it helps with the ear pain.

Sunday was slow at work, so I got sent home after 3 hours. Well home was the last place I wanted to be because my roommate had the day off and she was home. I ended up going to “The Grand” to see Kimmy while she was working in the bar. I had a yummy dinner of salmon and southwest potato skins, and 3 beers.

Today (Monday…my usually day off) I have been sitting in McDonald’s for about the last 6 hours, just so I don’t have to be home with my roommate again. We both always get Monday off from work. At least the wifi works better here then it does at home.
So while I am here I got lunch: Chicken bacon Ranch Salad and Strawberry Shake. No wonder I can’t lose weight.

Shopping For My Cold

I am staying in a Super 8 motel, within walking distance to the Super Walmart in Flagstaff, for a few days. I decided that I needed to get a few items to try and get rid of my Winter Crud.  I can’t remember the last time I had such a cold before now, but I know that I don’t want to have another one after this is gone.

I got 3 different teas…all with ginger in them. If I don’t like them maybe my roommate will. My roommate went to the clinic in the national park and was diagnosed with bronchitis. There are 7 women living in the house and I think 4 of us are sick. Great time for the heater to break at home.

This motel is right next to a cracker Barrel, and some Outback Steakhouse is down passed that,  but I don’t have anymore energy to go back out. I don’t usually eat processed soup, but while I am sick and staying in a motel the soup will be good enough.

I already had Halls cough drops and Ibuprofen so I didn’t buy anymore..I should of bought lemons but I didn’t want to carry anything else. Besides my store in Tusayan sells lemons so I can just get them there. We just don’t have a big selection of health/first aid stuff. Hopefully my roommate doesn’t mind the smell of the VaporRub. My mom used it for me and my brothers alot when we were little and I love the smell. But my roommate has a sensitive nose and doesn’t like strong smells.

I tried out my new thermometer and it seems that I don’t have a fever.. 98°. So I just need to get rid of my headache, runny nose, phlegm and nagging cough. I probably should have gotten more Mucinex. Seeing as I told my boss that I would see a doctor while I was in Flagstaff,  I will probably stop in the ER  at the hospital tomorrow just so I can get an official “sick note” for work.

Diet Site Emails

Even if I had been sleeping under a rock for almost a year, I would still know that it’s a new year just from looking at my emails. I have notices from Diet Center, diet-to-go, Weight Watchers, Sparkpeople, nutrisystem and some news articles from Prevention magazine about health and  others that I can’t remember right at the moment. 

Losing weight seems to be thee top goal for alot of people.  I know that I have spent many years telling myself that I was gonna lose weight. I will lose a few pounds and then gain them all back whenever my life gets interrupted with other things. Last time I got weighed the scales said I was at 188#. 

While I was homeless in Georgia, last year, I ate tons of free carbs. People donate so much food to the homeless and it was usually carbs…bagels, donuts, cupcakes, sandwiches,  crackers, chips, and muffins.  I didn’t think that I would ever want to see another muffin or bagel ever again once I left Georgia , but I finally bought a package of bagels last week. Eating all those carbs while in Georgia is ( I believe) how I gained over 20#.

I have a friend on Facebook that is trying a keto diet right now. I think he is only planning on staying with this diet for 2 weeks, but it will be interesting to see what he thinks of it later. The idea of a Keto diet is to force your body into burning your stored fat. For it to work you have to be pretty strict because the body much prefers burning carbs

Personally I can never follow any diet plan exactly the way it’s set up. Either, I don’t have certain foods on hand and/or kitchen space available.  Yes, now I live in a house with a good size kitchen…but all the space is taken up by all my housemates. I use 1 small cupboard in the whole kitchen for my blender,  dishes and food. So as you can imagine,  I don’t eat at home much. 

This is what I had posted one morning on facebook.  I called it “breakfast in a Blender “. Its about the only way I eat at home. My daughter says I should add apples to my smoothie,  but since I had my top teeth removed I just never think of apples. But while I am in Flagstaff this weekend,  I need to buy more spinach and lemons.  One morning a couple weeks ago, I decided to try kale and beets  instead of spinach. My poor roommate asked where I got the alfalfa and wondered where was I keeping the horses. OMG, that drink really smelled bad and I won’t be buying kale again.

Now smoothies are my kind of diet. This is something that I could realistically  do everyday. I like them because they are REAL food…mostly fresh fruit and veggies.  The blender (and my 2 coffee mugs) fit into the one and only cupboard that I use in the kitchen.  Sometimes I just make a smoothie with chocolate protein powder, banana and coconut milk.  Not so sure how “real” the protein powder is but it is so yummy. Definitely taste better than kale. 

While Richard has to worry about grams of carbs on his keto diet. I just want to enjoy REAL food….in any amount. Anyone on any low-carb diet would freak out over having a banana almost every morning. Long before diets books were ever written, people used to enjoy REAL food. If food don’t taste good then I would rather go without a meal.

Goodbye 2017

I am calling 2017, the Rollercoaster year…So many twists, turns and unexpected events. Ironically I started 2017 in a remote area of the Grand Canyon National Park without a car and I ended the year in the little community outside of the Grand Canyon without a car. The stuff that happened in between those 2 locations would take to long to type. 

My 9 months in Georgia wasn’t all bad. Met a few unforgettable people and saw some wonderful sights. And I can say now that I survived a hurricane. 

Hopefully 2018, will be better financially so I can get another car…or if I dare dream then a minivan that I can make into a living space. Right now I share a home with 7 other girls and I need space to myself. 

I probably won’t be posting different stuff a dozen times a day on facebook this year. Do you ever get the feeling that you are just tired of social media? It’s like…what’s the point of it All? Instead,   I hope to spend some serious time writing a novel this year. Hmm, what year did I first think of That?  

Last weekend in GA.

My friend Cindy drove down from Michigan to spend a few days with me before I head back to Arizona.  She arrived early..woke me up just after midnight on Friday morning. So we went to breakfast at Waffle House, then went to her hotel to sleep.

After getting enough rest we went to check out the water at St Simons Island.  Was pleasantly surprised to  find a pelican sitting on the pier. First time that I had ever seen one so close.

We both picked up a few seashells from the beach. We didn’t stay very long because my old legs were tired. One of the guys fishing/ crabbing showed us his bucket full of crabs.

In all the time I have been in GA, I never did get to find the “tree spirits”, which are carvings in 7 trees scattered around the island. One website mentioned 20 carvings, but either it exaggerated or most of them got destroyed.  Seeing as I never saw any, I found some pics online….

On Saturday,  we went to a rice plantation. Growing up in New England all I remember learning in school is that there were cotton plantations  and slaves worked in cotton fields. Obviously there were vegetable farms also…at least corn because grits is a Southern favorite at every meal. Now if I had asked my mother for corn-on-the corn-on for breakfast she would of thought I lost my mind, but people in the south love corn enough to have it for every meal. 

Anyways, the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation has been on my bucket list since I came to Brunswick and learned that it existed. Not sure what I was expecting but maybe just more then what I saw.  Maybe I judge historical places to one’s I went to in New England with my kids…working places where volunteers dressed up in costume and actually preformed some chore. Most of the buildings were dirty and run-down.  At one time there were over 350 slaves on this plantation but I didn’t see slave quarters to hold that many people.  Our recent hurricane had done very minor damage to some trees near the rice fields.

New Job

Technically my job title is: Special Events Demonstrator. In actuality I will be one of the food sample ladies at Sam’s Club.

I found the job listed in one of my groups on Facebook. See Facebook can be good for something besides dirty laundry/ drama.

Well today I got a notice with my info to go get my drug test. Except with my lack of gas, I have to wait and get my 3 day paycheck from Subway first. I can’t pick up that check until 3:30pm Tomorrow,  so after cashing it and getting gas it will be to late to go to the labcorp. Which means I can only do the drug test the day before I start this new job.

Yes I realize that I hadn’t posted much about the Subway job. Well I only worked there for 3 days…on 4th of July weekend. So 4 weeks later and I am still waiting for my paycheck.

This new food samples job looked pretty easy, casual and stress free. How hard can it be to ask customers if they want to try juice, cut up fruit, sausages, rolled up lunch meat, or whatever cooked item that they are promoting?
The job is technically part-time with about 6 hours a day. Most people work between 3-6 days a week. It pays $11/hour; and when you are in a state that has a minimum wage of $7.25 then $11/ hour seems like you just won a jackpot.

So far my car is hanging on even if I did have to get a Walmart employee give me a jump start yesterday. I have been trying to estimate future paychecks so I can get some work done on the car. So if anyone reading this is the praying-type of person, then pray for my car.