I’m sure you can find tons of diet tips online but for me, these 6 about covers my biggest food issues; because basically all the other rules I have heard can fit into these 6 and they should be a part of a daily lifestyle whether you are trying to lose weight or not.

1. FOOD JOURNAL: It shows me exactly how much and how often I eat, and will show me what I am missing. I carry my tracking book to work with me because if I wait till the end of the day…I would forget something.

2. 8 CUPS OF WATER DAILY: I still need to get in the habit of drinking more water. At work I grab a handful of lemon slices that the cooks use for the fish and put them in my water. (and drink less coffee)

3. MEASURE EVERYTHING: I was never good at “guess”timating in math class and I still couldn’t look at food on a plate and tell you how much was there. I’m used to a standard size bowl of cereal…which really ends up being 2-3 times the size for 1 serving that’s listed on the box. I couldn’t serve rice or mash potatoes correctly at work without measuring it first. (I work in a cafeteria)

4. SMALLER PLATES: I can fill up the plate without filling up myself. If I am out eating with friends, I will grab the small salad plate for everything just so they might not ask why I didn’t fill up. If you’re in a restaurant, order yourself a kid’s dinner (some restaurants have a special kids menu or ask for the to-go box when you first order and immediately put 1/2 the food in it BEFORE you even start eating.)

5. TAKE MY TIME EATING: Growing up, mom would sometimes give us a time limit to finish a meal…well even now I have to remind myself that mealtime is no longer a race. The brain doesn’t tell the stomache it’s full until about 20 minutes AFTER you start eating…well by then I can stuff myself silly without even realizing it.

6. REAL FOOD: This one is from my dad…he loved gardening & hated artifical flavors/coloring in ‘man-made chemical crap’. So now I am going back to eating more real food. Luckily fresh fruit and most veggies in WW are zero points.