I bought these items the other day when I went to Wal-Mart in Prescott,AZ. There will probably be other spices/herbs that I forgot to get and will need to buy later. I hardly ever get everything I need in 1 shopping trip. But this is a good start.

Now I don’t have a kitchen but do own a microwave, crockpot, rice cooker, blender and a mini-George Forman Grill. I also need to replace my juicer.  Anyways I like adding a little spice to things, otherwise food can get boring & bland tasting.  Living without a kitchen is also one way to put your wallet on a diet because without a kitchen…rent is cheaper. Why pay a couple hundred dollars more just to have a room with a stove/oven in it? And why do people think I must starve just because I don’t have a kitchen…I don’t know?

The reason I got the book: “The G Free Diet”  is that I suspect that my love for pizza, bread & way to many crackers might be the cause for my rash & the gassy, bloating feeling and some other minor complaints. Course Brenda thinks that is all silly nonsense and that there must be another reason for it all.  I agree that giving up pizza & crackers might not be easy at first, but since when is anythin g easy when you first try it? Will giving up certain foods be any harder then dealing with my rash all over my arms, or whatever stomache problems I have had….I doubt it.

There is actually 3 different conditions that make it necessary to give up wheat/gluten.

Celiac Disease:

Gluten Intolerance:

Wheat Allergy:

And do you think any doctor at the clinic here would test for any of them….oh hell no! Doctors think of prescribing meds to stop itching and thats about it. And now the clinic charges $25-$50 just to walk in and see the doc. So to hell with the clinic here.