I know we all have the same 24 hours in a day; but sometimes I still don’t finish everything I am supposed to..or want to.

I got up early today and was checking online for info that a co-worker wanted on the American disability act seeing as my co-worker doesn’t own a computer, then I was checking emails & facebook for messeges from my son…and of course that always takes longer then I anticipated, then I check a list of blogs I like to read and a couple forum sites I signed up for.

 As I type this, I’m sitting here with coffee & an apple smeared with peanut butter. I have to go jump in the shower soon so I can leave for work in an hour. By the time I get out of work, my feet and/or my back will probably hurt. But hopefully I remember to grab something from the salad bar to bring back home. (I left work yesterday without it).

I should really do laundry tonight but who knows if I will think of it then. I think I need a “to-do” list for just my normal everyday activities…and make sure to save all the stuff done on the computer for last. Activities like yoga, laundry, take out trash, shower, & eat has to be done first before I even turn the computer on. Course most of my yoga is from an online site or with DVD’s which means I have to turn laptop on in order to watch the DVD.

(will have to figure out WW-points for the peanut butter later…and I usually just guess at the amount of beans in my salad, when I am figuring out the points