Are you wondering what’s going on…what’s so special in 3 weeks? Well let me tell you because I am really excited about it. I am like a kid at Christmas-time and yes I am crossing days off my calender.

My 25 year old son is hopping on the Greyhound bus in NH on March 17th (day after my birthday), and should arrive in Flagstaff,AZ on March 20th. He will be moving up to the Grand Canyon. His new job won’t actually start until April 4th. He is getting here early so he will have time for hiking and just learning the ropes around the park.
Seems like I remember he used to like running (before he broke his ankle), so maybe he will get me in the habit of running, or just going to the gym.

Ok, so I have today & tomorrow off from work. I need to do laundry and organize my closet.  I’m sure I still have plenty of stuff in boxes that I can throw out in the trash…stuff I have not seen (used or needed) for a year. He has already sent me boxes of his stuff in the mail; so he won’t have to carry everything around the greyhound bus stations….which is why I need to get offline now and  re-organize my closet.

Well this morning I had a “naked juice-mighty mango” flavor that I had brought home from work yesterday. Well I won’t be getting them very often anymore. Even though it tastes good. I checked on the weight-watchers site and it seems that 1 whole bottle of juice is 8 points. That’s more points then what I normally have for a breakfast.