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Got my numbers at the clinic

Just wanted to jot down these numbers so I don’t lose them; in case I want to compare numbers later.

Blood Pressure: 124/74
O2 level: 95
Blood Sugar: 94
Weight: 165

The BP is within the normal range but still a bit high for me.

The scale at the clinic always reads higher then the scale at the rec center where I usually weigh myself…which should mean the scale I normally use would have a slightly lower number. But at least the number is still going in the right direction

Didn’t really expect the blood sugar test today, and ate a whole bag of microwave popcorn before heading up to the clinic. So if I had done a fasting test, that number would also be different.

Thinking about buying a blood sugar machine next week after payday. Even though I am ok today….diabetes does run in the family and I’ve had docs tell me that I was “pre-diabetic”. Course some people say there is no such thing. But it would still be nice to keep track of it once in awhile. So I will go check the price of the machines on Amazon.


my son is here

Unfortunately my computer doesn’t seem to recognize my camera at the moment, so I can’t download pictures of my son.

ok, we were able to hop on the 1pm shuttle from Flagstaff coming up to the canyon…only because his Greyhound bus was 25 minutes early. Otherwise we would of had to wait for the 3:45 shuttle. Luckily Tess was driving the shuttle too because she gave Phil the local discount  for the ride.

After dropping his 1 and only backpack off in my room, we went to eat at Yavapai. He got the chicken Parmesan…which wasn’t to bad he said. I got the Chicken Pot Pie…which had to much pepper in it.

When we woke up on Monday morning (yesterday) it was snowing outside..and damn cold. We went to Bright Angel Restaurant for lunch. Surprised that it was so busy there. We went out to the rim to get a few pictures of the canyon with snow. But neither one of us can download them at this moment.

Later at about 9:30 or 10pm, we decided to walk over to the men’s dorm to raid the candy machine. Been here 4 years and that was the first time I ever walked over there at night. Philip got soda & 2 Twix candybars. and he finished the soda right when we got back to my dorm building. I got M&M’s, 3 musketeers, and some cinnamon roll pastry thing.

Today I need to take him into the housing office so he can get his visitor’s pass. Maybe they will even let him sign-in for his own room and let him start orientation on Thursday. They might just figure seeing as he is already here that they might as well. Which will be good before he goes totally stir-crazy from boredom.

Later I should show him where the rec center is and get him a month’s pass for the gym. That will cost $10 per month or $60 for the whole year. At least with the month’s pass…he can start running on the treadmills until it warms up outside, and it will give him something to do if he still has to wait for April 4th to sign in for his own housing & job. Besides I have to go back to work early Thursday morning and he will need something to do then if he can’t get into the next orientation group…or he will really go stir-crazy &  die of boredom.

Lunch at Wendy’s

Yesterday a friend took me outside of the National Park to go grab a bite to eat…I needed the break from cleaning, and had only had coffee & 1 bag of microwave popcorn all day before that.

So anyways, he likes to eat at Wendy’s, so that’s where we went. It’s definitely “Spring-Break” time here because there was a line of people waiting for food.

I noticed a new chicken sandwich sign on display (well new to me) while we waited in line: I got the #8 combo….Homestyle Asiago Ranch Chicken, medium fries & medium coke. I hardly ever eat bacon but seeing as its on this sandwich, I ate it.

So this morning I decided to find the Wendy’s website and check out their nutrition facts. Now these facts are for my entire lunch.
1280 calories just for lunch….WOW! OMG!
total fat=54 grams
carbs=165 grams
sodium= 1995
sugar=64 grams

I also just checked the points value for this lunch on the weight watchers site…and that meal cost me 35 points. I only get 29 points a day with an extra
45 points for the week (I think, need to doublecheck weekly points)…guess this lunch used up a whole days worth of points and some of the weekly points. OMG~guess I won’t be eating this lunch again.

If my friend/co-worker ever talks me into going with him to Wendy’s ever again, then I might get the “Grilled Chicken Go-Wrap” because that only has 260 calories & 10 grams of fat & 750 grams of sodium. Not sure why there is also 3 grams of sugar in it though.
Even if I had a small strawberry shake, that would add another 390 calories & 11 grams of fat….hmmm, only 1 more gram of fat then the go-wrap. But at least the go-wrap & shake is better then the meal I had yesterday.

I saw another display sign for a salad that I have not tried; so I looked up its nutritional facts too just out of curiosity. At least the title of it made it seem like it was good for you.

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (full size)
Calories: 580

Now this salad has 100 grams more soduim then my Asiago Ranch chicken sandwich that I ate. Wonder why it has so much sodium?? If its in the croutons and I don’t eat them, then at least I could lower the amount of sodium. To bad the website doesn’t give nutrition facts for any of their packages of salad dressing. 

I never add sugar into a salad if I’m making it at home? Seeing as I couldn’t find any facts on the dressing, I will assume that 39 grams of sugar is hidden somewhere in the salad…just not sure where. But at 39 grams; its over 1/2 as much as whats in the coke-cola.

Boy, you really can learn alot about fast food by looking them up online.

Ok, on to a new day…and another day of cleaning. My son will be here in 5 days and need to get this cleaning done.