Unfortunately my computer doesn’t seem to recognize my camera at the moment, so I can’t download pictures of my son.

ok, we were able to hop on the 1pm shuttle from Flagstaff coming up to the canyon…only because his Greyhound bus was 25 minutes early. Otherwise we would of had to wait for the 3:45 shuttle. Luckily Tess was driving the shuttle too because she gave Phil the local discount  for the ride.

After dropping his 1 and only backpack off in my room, we went to eat at Yavapai. He got the chicken Parmesan…which wasn’t to bad he said. I got the Chicken Pot Pie…which had to much pepper in it.

When we woke up on Monday morning (yesterday) it was snowing outside..and damn cold. We went to Bright Angel Restaurant for lunch. Surprised that it was so busy there. We went out to the rim to get a few pictures of the canyon with snow. But neither one of us can download them at this moment.

Later at about 9:30 or 10pm, we decided to walk over to the men’s dorm to raid the candy machine. Been here 4 years and that was the first time I ever walked over there at night. Philip got soda & 2 Twix candybars. and he finished the soda right when we got back to my dorm building. I got M&M’s, 3 musketeers, and some cinnamon roll pastry thing.

Today I need to take him into the housing office so he can get his visitor’s pass. Maybe they will even let him sign-in for his own room and let him start orientation on Thursday. They might just figure seeing as he is already here that they might as well. Which will be good before he goes totally stir-crazy from boredom.

Later I should show him where the rec center is and get him a month’s pass for the gym. That will cost $10 per month or $60 for the whole year. At least with the month’s pass…he can start running on the treadmills until it warms up outside, and it will give him something to do if he still has to wait for April 4th to sign in for his own housing & job. Besides I have to go back to work early Thursday morning and he will need something to do then if he can’t get into the next orientation group…or he will really go stir-crazy &  die of boredom.