Just wanted to jot down these numbers so I don’t lose them; in case I want to compare numbers later.

Blood Pressure: 124/74
O2 level: 95
Blood Sugar: 94
Weight: 165

The BP is within the normal range but still a bit high for me.

The scale at the clinic always reads higher then the scale at the rec center where I usually weigh myself…which should mean the scale I normally use would have a slightly lower number. But at least the number is still going in the right direction

Didn’t really expect the blood sugar test today, and ate a whole bag of microwave popcorn before heading up to the clinic. So if I had done a fasting test, that number would also be different.

Thinking about buying a blood sugar machine next week after payday. Even though I am ok today….diabetes does run in the family and I’ve had docs tell me that I was “pre-diabetic”. Course some people say there is no such thing. But it would still be nice to keep track of it once in awhile. So I will go check the price of the machines on Amazon.