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Add Years To Your Life

This morning I was checking out a profile page on facebook for beachbody coach. She had a link on her page>>>

So just for the heck of it, I decided to take thier survey/quiz. My results said I would live to be 93 years old.

Here are some of my results that I thought was interesting:

+ 1.0 Minimizing or cutting out your caffeinated coffee consumption completely could provide you with about a year more in life expectacy
+ 1.0 If it is ok with your doctor, taking an 81 mg aspirin every day improves your heart and brain health and could help you delay or escape a heart attack or stroke. Taking an aspirin each day, perferably in the evening, could add 1 year to your life expectancy.
+ 0.25 Decreasing your diastolic blood pressure (the second of the two numbers) to less than 80 or even lower could add a quarter of a year to your life expectancy

Sleep HabitsNot getting enough sleep or experiencing ineffective sleep is common. There are many causes of sleep-related disorders and of not getting enough effective sleep. There are also numerous good approaches and treatments to reverse these problems. Unfortunately, there are ineffective and even harmful ways of attempting to cure sleep problems.

Hours on the JobA recent Japanese study of the relationship between work hours and heart attack risk revealed that men who worked, on average, 11 hours or more a day had twice the risk of heart attack. Interestingly though, those who worked less than 7 hours a day were also at increased risk. If you find your current workload comfortable and that you are taking advantage of your leisure time to perform healthy and enjoyable activities, good for you and keep up the good work!

CoffeeYou are drinking too much coffee. You may have many reasons for this degree of consumption including trouble with sleep, withdrawal headaches, the taste, and so on. Gradually replacing your coffee with tea is one method of weaning yourself off. There are effective methods for the majority of people and the effort is worthwhile in improving quality and quantity of life. Excessive coffee can be a sign of increased stress. Stress can lead to a hormonal imbalance, which can physically stress and age numerous organs. In addition, coffee predisposes the stomach to chronic inflammation of the stomach and ulcers. Such chronic inflammation leads to release of substances that raise the risk of heart disease. Tea, and especially green tea, on the other hand, has been noted for its significant antioxidant content, and tea drinkers in general appear to be healthier.

Iron IntakeIt is probably good to continue to stay away from iron supplements and foods that are high in iron content, specifically red meat, if you can. Taking an iron supplement might potentiate your aging and risk for age-related diseases. There is growing evidence from animal and human studies that iron levels are related to aging and age-associated diseases. As a critical component of mitochondrial free radical generation, iron has been proposed by some to be a key modulator of rate of aging and susceptibility to age-related diseases. The available epidemiological evidence suggests that elevated iron levels are involved in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Menstrual blood loss and resultant iron deficiency might be protective against vascular disease and even contribute to the premenopausal survival advantage of women over men. Further studies are needed to determine whether there are cardiovascular benefits or risks associated with blood donation. Men may have the opportunity to be more female-like in their risk for vascular diseases by regularly donating blood, which could induce an iron deficiency. Blood donation has actually been associated with a decreased risk of atherosclerosis. The primary source of iron in our diet is red meat and this should be avoided as well.


Picky Eaters

There was a news story on yahoo about adult picky eaters. Seems some people never out-grow the childhood eating habits of trying to live off just a few comfort foods like mac & cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, spaghetti & meatballs or potato in some form.
There are other picky eaters who will ONLY eat health food; which can cause them to not eat enough. Lets face it, unless you buy only from the fresh produce section there isn’t much left in the grocery store thats 100% safe/healthy anymore.

Now I have called myself a “picky-eater” for years, but my eating doesn’t go to either of those extremes. Sure I can go a week or so with the same breakfast everyday:
instant oatmeal with chocolate protein powder & peanut butter added in. I also like to snack on popcorn alot…and by alot, I mean I have popcorn about every other day.
Sure there are foods that I hate and won’t eat at all; but not because of its health value, its because I just don’t like the taste of liver, pepperoni & brussel sprouts. I also don’t drink regular milk…I prefer vanilla soymilk. Yes, my soymilk makes me a little wierd with some of my co-workers and whenever I get a veggie pizza someone will always look at me funny & ask if I am on a diet. First off: if I was all that worried about my weight I would not order any pizza to begin with…and for a second reason-I hate the taste of pepperoni.

But all-in-all, I’m not worried about getting an eating disorder. Unless they come up with a story about people who eat when they are bored. Because thats when I do my most eating. Supposedly we are only supposed to eat when we are really hungry…well if I did that I would starve. I eat when I am bored enough so that I never really get that hungry feeling.

Happy Easter

Well I got up super early and when I opened my door this morning to go down the hall, I found a bag hanging on my door….inside the bag was a box of microwave popcorn and some Easter candy. Hmmm, a surprise from an Easter Bunny, perhaps. Supposedly my daughter told my 11-year old grand-daughter that she was to old for Easter; well obviously someone didn’t think I was.

Basically this is supposed to be a religious holiday, and I don’t consider myself a religous person but who can turn down free candy.
So I made coffee and ate some chocolate bliss before going to work. I still have the chocolate bunny left….it’s a male bunny; you know how I know that? Its got a hollow head. LOL 🙂

ok, on another note:
I am thinking of switching to the night porter job. Don’t have to deal with Summer heat or mobs of guests. Probably more steady hours during the Winter season too. Someone gave me the idea to go try it out on a day off first, to see if I would like it. I finally get this coming Tuesday & Wednesday off.

Busy, busy, gotta keep busy

Well after having 6 days off from work, I will be working 9 days straight (to make up for it , I guess). This week is a National Park free week so we have been busier in the cafeteria and the shuttles have been packed. Next Sunday is also Easter so I assume we will be busy then too.

I don’t mind working 9+ days in a row, I just wish I got out earlier as I am tired and my feet are killing me by the time I clock out. With to much time off I either sleep or eat to much; Now if I am awake then I will eat with 1 hand and be online with the other (and hopefully not shopping). And I seem to get depressed or just down in the dumps when I have to much time off. Hmmm, why is that???
I need to find other activities to do after work. There are still 3 days without anything scheduled…and some of these activities are every other week, not every week. I already tried 1 line-dancing class and found out that I have 2 left feet with no rhythm. There is another yoga class on Monday’s, but I think its in the mornings, and well…I can’t be at work and in yoga class at the same time. Maybe I will just have to sign up to use the gym on those other 3 days. Anything is better then coming home straight from work just so I can check facebook until I fall asleep beside my laptop.

Tuesday: weight watchers
Wednesday: yoga class
Thursday: camera club
Saturday: karaoke

Night-time routine schedule

Well I have had what seems like a long break from work, probably my last for awhile now that both cafeteria’s are open and we will be a bit short of help for a little while. Anyways I go back to work early tomorrow morning.

Today I dyed my hair and just got out of the shower, so I won’t have to worry about that in the morning. I did laundry at midnight last night so my uniform is ready to go. (actually still sitting in the laundry basket next to the door). Need to find my work hat & hair clips before I go to bed.

For years I used to get aggravated at my kids on school mornings because it took them f-o-r-e-v-e-r to find everything they needed
for school on any given day. I used to tell them over & over & over that if they would get stuff ready the night before they wouldn’t
have such a problem in the mornings before they had to catch a bus.

Now right at this moment as I’m typing this, it is about 8pm. I hope to be in bed by 9pm at the latest. Alot of work nights I am in bed by 8pm.
But today I went to check out the new menu at Maswik and of course take a bunch of pictures of all the improvements. I also brought home a salad and will eat it before going to bed.

So as a general rule here is my bed-time routine:
Eat & get coffee pot ready for morning
Make sure uniform is ready for work the next day
apply foot creme & body lotion
In bed between 8-9pm

My own Food & Fitness Challenge

ok after reading more of therawdivas website and some other raw-food places I know of online, I decided to just make up my own challenge to suit myself. Anything will be better then what I ate earlier this week (see last post).

I won’t be going 100% raw because, well seeing as I work in a cafeteria and am around food to much going 100% raw would be next to impossible for me.

So while at work I will eat some yummy cooked food…and I still need to go check out all the new stuff they did to Maswik Cafe. (will go there for lunch today). While at work I will still be having the fruit plate & scrambled eggs for breakfast, and will get a salad to bring home after work.

Now the challenge on therawdivas, only has people making a smoothie at least once a day, for 3 days…and I assume eating normal cooked food for the rest of the day. Sounds easy enough.
Now I haven’t really made a smoothie in a year. Not sure why, because I used to love having them before I went to work.

I never tried adding spinach or any other mixed green into my smoothies though. But I loved putting things like kiwi, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, lemons, bananas, or frozen berries & sometimes some spices like cinnamon, and sometimes yogurt. Sorta like either a homemade V8 juice or tropical punch depending on my mood.
Hey even exchanging a regular cooked meal for a smoothie, has to make me feel better then eating a bag of those M&M’s all at once.

On other notes; I found out that the half-marathon will be on November 12,2011 in Tusayan…the little community right outside the national park. It cost $65 to register to enter in the race. That sure seems like a lot of $$$ for someone who right now could not even run 1 lap around the track at the schoolyard. Guess if I really want to do this then I better start some serious training.
It cost $60 for a 1-year membership to the gym at the rec center too.

Going hiking & camping at Indian Gardens

(click on picture to get better view of food)

I went up to our general store to buy a bunch of food for my hike tomorrow. Not sure if I bought to much food or not enough. 🙂
I will have more bottles of water that is not in the above picture, and when I finish the ice tea I will use those bottles for water too. Unfortunately water is not on yet at the 1.5 mile resthouse, so I will have to refill all water containers at Indian Gardens for when I hike back out.

Now Indian Gardens is 4.6 miles down the Bright Angel Trail. It usually takes me over 4 & 1/2 hours to get down to it because I usually stop alot to rest & take pictures. But when my son went down last month, he said it took him about 2 & 1/2 hours to reach that spot. So I will hope to get there tomorrow in about 3 or 3 & 1/2 hours. Course its not the hike down that will bother me….its that long crawl back up that always kills my legs.

I have my permit for 2 nights down in the canyon. I am hoping my legs feel good enough to get to Plateau Point; which is another 1.5 miles away from Indian Gardens….for an extra 3 mile round-trip. I have never gone to Plateau Point before so I figure seeing as I have some extra time to explore around that I might as well do it now.

Well for the rest of this night I have to pack up my backpack and figure out how to tie on my small blanket to the backpack. Its still pretty chilly out at night so this will be the first time I have brought a blanket with me. Luckily my son also left his big hoodie here last month too, for me to bring on this camping trip.