ok after reading more of therawdivas website and some other raw-food places I know of online, I decided to just make up my own challenge to suit myself. Anything will be better then what I ate earlier this week (see last post).

I won’t be going 100% raw because, well seeing as I work in a cafeteria and am around food to much going 100% raw would be next to impossible for me.

So while at work I will eat some yummy cooked food…and I still need to go check out all the new stuff they did to Maswik Cafe. (will go there for lunch today). While at work I will still be having the fruit plate & scrambled eggs for breakfast, and will get a salad to bring home after work.

Now the challenge on therawdivas, only has people making a smoothie at least once a day, for 3 days…and I assume eating normal cooked food for the rest of the day. Sounds easy enough.
Now I haven’t really made a smoothie in a year. Not sure why, because I used to love having them before I went to work.

I never tried adding spinach or any other mixed green into my smoothies though. But I loved putting things like kiwi, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, lemons, bananas, or frozen berries & sometimes some spices like cinnamon, and sometimes yogurt. Sorta like either a homemade V8 juice or tropical punch depending on my mood.
Hey even exchanging a regular cooked meal for a smoothie, has to make me feel better then eating a bag of those M&M’s all at once.

On other notes; I found out that the half-marathon will be on November 12,2011 in Tusayan…the little community right outside the national park. It cost $65 to register to enter in the race. That sure seems like a lot of $$$ for someone who right now could not even run 1 lap around the track at the schoolyard. Guess if I really want to do this then I better start some serious training.
It cost $60 for a 1-year membership to the gym at the rec center too.