Well I have had what seems like a long break from work, probably my last for awhile now that both cafeteria’s are open and we will be a bit short of help for a little while. Anyways I go back to work early tomorrow morning.

Today I dyed my hair and just got out of the shower, so I won’t have to worry about that in the morning. I did laundry at midnight last night so my uniform is ready to go. (actually still sitting in the laundry basket next to the door). Need to find my work hat & hair clips before I go to bed.

For years I used to get aggravated at my kids on school mornings because it took them f-o-r-e-v-e-r to find everything they needed
for school on any given day. I used to tell them over & over & over that if they would get stuff ready the night before they wouldn’t
have such a problem in the mornings before they had to catch a bus.

Now right at this moment as I’m typing this, it is about 8pm. I hope to be in bed by 9pm at the latest. Alot of work nights I am in bed by 8pm.
But today I went to check out the new menu at Maswik and of course take a bunch of pictures of all the improvements. I also brought home a salad and will eat it before going to bed.

So as a general rule here is my bed-time routine:
Eat & get coffee pot ready for morning
Make sure uniform is ready for work the next day
apply foot creme & body lotion
In bed between 8-9pm