Well after having 6 days off from work, I will be working 9 days straight (to make up for it , I guess). This week is a National Park free week so we have been busier in the cafeteria and the shuttles have been packed. Next Sunday is also Easter so I assume we will be busy then too.

I don’t mind working 9+ days in a row, I just wish I got out earlier as I am tired and my feet are killing me by the time I clock out. With to much time off I either sleep or eat to much; Now if I am awake then I will eat with 1 hand and be online with the other (and hopefully not shopping). And I seem to get depressed or just down in the dumps when I have to much time off. Hmmm, why is that???
I need to find other activities to do after work. There are still 3 days without anything scheduled…and some of these activities are every other week, not every week. I already tried 1 line-dancing class and found out that I have 2 left feet with no rhythm. There is another yoga class on Monday’s, but I think its in the mornings, and well…I can’t be at work and in yoga class at the same time. Maybe I will just have to sign up to use the gym on those other 3 days. Anything is better then coming home straight from work just so I can check facebook until I fall asleep beside my laptop.

Tuesday: weight watchers
Wednesday: yoga class
Thursday: camera club
Saturday: karaoke