Well I got up super early and when I opened my door this morning to go down the hall, I found a bag hanging on my door….inside the bag was a box of microwave popcorn and some Easter candy. Hmmm, a surprise from an Easter Bunny, perhaps. Supposedly my daughter told my 11-year old grand-daughter that she was to old for Easter; well obviously someone didn’t think I was.

Basically this is supposed to be a religious holiday, and I don’t consider myself a religous person but who can turn down free candy.
So I made coffee and ate some chocolate bliss before going to work. I still have the chocolate bunny left….it’s a male bunny; you know how I know that? Its got a hollow head. LOL 🙂

ok, on another note:
I am thinking of switching to the night porter job. Don’t have to deal with Summer heat or mobs of guests. Probably more steady hours during the Winter season too. Someone gave me the idea to go try it out on a day off first, to see if I would like it. I finally get this coming Tuesday & Wednesday off.