There was a news story on yahoo about adult picky eaters. Seems some people never out-grow the childhood eating habits of trying to live off just a few comfort foods like mac & cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, spaghetti & meatballs or potato in some form.
There are other picky eaters who will ONLY eat health food; which can cause them to not eat enough. Lets face it, unless you buy only from the fresh produce section there isn’t much left in the grocery store thats 100% safe/healthy anymore.

Now I have called myself a “picky-eater” for years, but my eating doesn’t go to either of those extremes. Sure I can go a week or so with the same breakfast everyday:
instant oatmeal with chocolate protein powder & peanut butter added in. I also like to snack on popcorn alot…and by alot, I mean I have popcorn about every other day.
Sure there are foods that I hate and won’t eat at all; but not because of its health value, its because I just don’t like the taste of liver, pepperoni & brussel sprouts. I also don’t drink regular milk…I prefer vanilla soymilk. Yes, my soymilk makes me a little wierd with some of my co-workers and whenever I get a veggie pizza someone will always look at me funny & ask if I am on a diet. First off: if I was all that worried about my weight I would not order any pizza to begin with…and for a second reason-I hate the taste of pepperoni.

But all-in-all, I’m not worried about getting an eating disorder. Unless they come up with a story about people who eat when they are bored. Because thats when I do my most eating. Supposedly we are only supposed to eat when we are really hungry…well if I did that I would starve. I eat when I am bored enough so that I never really get that hungry feeling.