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My 14-day Nutrition Jump Start

Right now I am doing what he calls the 14-Day Jump Start. This jump start plan has me avoiding sugar, fruits, and starches. And believe me fruit & starches/carbs are my favorite thing to eat so this will be a tough 14 days. There is a 90 day plan that will allow you to have some fruit & healthy carbs and that sounds alot easier and I will try that after I am done with the beginning jump-start plan.

Now while growing up I could eat all the pasta, peanut butter sandwiches and ice cream that I wanted and not think twice about it because I never gained weight as a kid. After having kids, I could gain weight just by thinking of food. My problem is that I can overeat when bored or in situations where everyone else around me is eating (and I work in a cafeteria).

I have been searching online for info from other people who has used the RevAbs program, and someone suggested putting your favorite meals & snacks on index cards and rotating them throughout the 14 days. He even had his 2 weeks worth of meals posted in a schedule on his blog.

So I’m flipping through the nutrtion guide that came with my DVD’s to find my favorites. Problem is that I don’t have a real kitchen so anything that needs to be cooked with a stove/oven is OUT. Now the omelette & Mexican scramble can actually sorta be done in a microwave but I’m not in the habit of seperating eggs just to use egg whites. I don’t have patience or talent for that, (and the cafeteria where I work uses liquid eggs).

At least the lunches look easier, but my food cost will be going up this coming week. There is only 5 different dinners listed in the guide. I never buy shrimp or steak, so that drops it down to 3 dinners to try. I rarely ever get pork chops at the cafeteria and the Tilapia with oven roasted veggies is OUT because I have no oven to cook them.
Wonder if I can substitute whatever fish is being served at the cafeteria for the day for the Tilapia and get frozen veggies from the store to nuke in my microwave in place of the roasted asparagus that is listed in the guide.

Well ok, this nutrition plan will take some work to tweek it out to fit my lifestyle & location. My co-workers are already used to my strange likes/dislikes and they have been pretty interested in all the weight-watcher stuff I come up with all this month; wonder what they will say when I stop getting the fruit plate during my breaktime for the next 14 days.

The beachbody site and some blogs I read claim this is not a radical diet to suffer through. LOL~obviously they live near more then 1 store to buy all the food they need on this diet AND they have a normal kitchen to cook it all in. For someone like me…this diet might be considered radical. Oh hell, I am calling it radical.

When To Eat:>>
For the flattest abs, plan your meals so you eat approximately every 2 to 3 hours while you’re awake. Stop eating approximately 3 hours before going to bed.
Well I usually go to bed pretty early because I get up early for work. So I would have to stop eating by 4pm, sometimes 3pm. I’m not sure how they expect people to eat every few hours while they are working…guess I have an excuse to hide snacks in my apron pockets and hide out in the bathrooms every few hours just to eat. I mean get real—who has a break from work every 2-3 hours?


I got my RevAbs program

I got the RevAbs package in the mail yesterday.

Now I have been a fan of the “Biggest Loser” show for quite awhile. I have a couple of books from the show and some of the Biggest Loser workout DVD’s. Brett Hoebel was a new trainer this season on the show and he is the guy who does the RevAbs program.
Now I could never last on the Biggest Loser show because I would quit after the first week. Sorry but I could not stand all that pressure and all that time working out in their gym with trainers yelling in my face. But small doses of the same trainers on my laptop are fine.

Course the first day’s workout was supposed to last an hour and I gave up before then. I was hot/sweaty, tired, sore, breathing hard..and its impossible for me to do lunges. Sure I can get down for a lunge but I can’t get back up unless I am next to a counter,table,chair or something to help me pull myself back up. This program is supposed to last for 90 days, but I will have to do it twice in order to see the results it promises. The thing is that I must NOT give up…even half a workout is better then no workout.

Weekend Eating

Salmon is my favorite fish to have from the cafeteria. These brands of ice tea & yogurt are both 4 points each for weight-watchers.

spicy stir-fry

yummy pumpkin-pecan tart…I had 2 this weekend.

I missed my weight-watcher meeting last night because I fell asleep for almost 5 hours. Course when I woke up, I was hungry and walked down to the pizza pub for 1 slice of pizza and a tall beer. Seems all I wanted to do this weekend was sleep & eat.
Then I grabbed another slice of pizza tonight with iced tea.

Tomorrow I go back to work…and will have to make sure to pay more attention to my points, especially seeing as Brenda wants to go down to Williams next weekend for ice cream. Actually I think driving anywhere on a holiday weekend is nuts.

It’s Me Time

There was a contest that I read about on facebook called “Who Am I”, even though I missed yesterday’s deadline I thought it was a neat idea and decided to make my own post about who I am. This is similair to something earlier to what I have posted on other sites.

*Ten Random Things About Me*
1. I like spending time alone
2. I have 1 tattoo
3. I have a wierd sleep schedule
4. Love small hidden away coffee shops, Hate Starbucks coffee
5. I love elephants! so don’t buy me any gifts made of ivory
6. Want to lose weight but still raid the candy machine
7. Recently started working-out at a gym
8. Love-Love-Love my rice cooker
9. I watch “The Biggest Loser” online every week now (don’t have a TV)
10. I live in the “land of later”~ask & I will explain

*Nine Ways To Win My Heart*
1. make me laugh
2. Be honest~NO MATTER WHAT!
3. serenade me while playing the guitar
4. cook me dinner & wash the dish without complaining
5. shut the ballgames off when I’m with u
6. be good with dogs & kids
7. dance in public~even if u have 2 left foot & don’t know how
8. be my shoulder to cry on if I need it
9. don’t laugh or call my opinions dumb even if u don’t agree

*Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die*
1. visit Asia~
2. visit all 50 states
3. become a famous photographer
4. hike to the bottom of Grand Canyon & camp out there
5. visit a buddhist temple
6. finish school
7. write a book
8. legally change my name

*Seven Ways To Annoy Me*
1. ask me a question a million times cuz u never listen the first hundred times when I answered
2. people throwing trash on ground especially when they walk past trash cans
3. people who are mean to pets for no reason
4. racial bigots
5. not using turn signals when driving
6. complain about my veggie burgers & soymilk
7. tell me I can’t do something JUST cuz I’m a girl

*6 Organizations I Like & Believe In*
2.The Shriner’s Hospital for Children
3.Homes for Humanity
4.Salvation Army
5.Voices Against Violence
6.HIV/AIDS Services

*Five Things I Am Afraid Of*
1. driving in snow
2. heights
3. drowning
4. standing up in front of big group to do any speech/book reports
5. never seeing loved ones again

*Four Turn Ons*

*Three Things I Do Everyday*

1. shit
2. shower
3. sleep

*Two Things I Could Not Live Without*
1. music
2. coffee

*One Person I Want To See*
1. Grandchildren

Clean-Up Day

I had requested today off from work because first I was going to go on a rec center trip to Sedona,AZ; then a couple co-workers asked if I wanted to go to Flagstaff with them. But I have now decided to just stay home and clean.

Realized that my frig is almost beyond help because somehow it got unplugged without me realizing it and who knows how long that it had been unplugged. So that will be a major job (well at least for me it’s major). I have now switched outlets to use for my frig so hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

While I am in the mood to clean, I should also re-organize all my food/pantry items and wash dishes. Then maybe I will go up to the store to some grocery shoppng seeng as am out of bread, peanut butter, fresh fruit and soymilk…and maybe will get some more birdseye frozen veggies.

I have also been checking out the recipes at >> and over at>>>
so maybe I will buy stuff to make something from one of those sites.

Well seeing as I took a nap after work yesterday and then was rudely woken up about 9pm by loud people outside, I am still awake now at 12:30am. But I might as well take out the trash and organize all my magazines & books that I have laying around.

Lunch and Snickers=21points

Fat grams=11
Carbs= 28
Fiber= 1
Which all total= 6 WW Points

Now I don’t usually eat snickers but I went to the cafeteria close to my dorm and grabbed the candybar from the gift shop after I had lunch. Now lunch was good…I had a chicken breast, rice, vegetable medley, dinner roll with butter and coffee. I also got a banana to save for later. Now if I calculated the points for my lunch correctly, I ate 17 points during this 1 meal. Good thing I don’t eat that very often.

Now the weather today is crazy. Mother Nature must be bi-polar because today it will rain, then hail pounds my windows, then it snows for a bit then turns back to rain. The wind has been blowing all day. I could see a patch of blue sky when I went to the cafeteria but that was just a teaser to make me think that it was trying to warm up. According to weatherbug, we have a 40% chance of snow tomorrow.
Can you believe that…SNOW IN LATE MAY!!!

Well seeing as I’m spending the rest of the evening inside I might as well go do laundry and make sure everything is ready for work tomorrow.

Lazy, Off Day and Breakfast

I have been working with the international students for so long that saying its my “off day” sounds more normal then saying its my day off. So, for my off-day, I had a late breakfast. I finally decided to get my rice cooker out again to cook brown rice & Birdseye frozen veggies. (broccoli, corn & red peppers) Who says that you have to eat cereal & eggs for breakfast? I only used 3/4 cups of rice with the whole bag of veggies and it took me about 2 hours to eat it all.

Well the wind was so loud that I woke up around midnight, but did take a nap this afternoon. Not sure if the dreary weather or my breakfast made me tired. Its been chilly all day, but I made sure to walk up to the rec center for my weight-watchers meeting. Tomorrow there is a possiblity of rain & SNOW. If the weather is awful tomorrow then I won’t be going to the gym either.

I only lost “.8” pounds this week and we had a little discussion on breakfasts at the meeting. Most of us there try to have something everyday for breakfast even if its just a smoothie. In our weekly booklet that we get every week, there is a recipe for “Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Scallions & Tomatoes” for 3 points that looked interesting and now trying to figure out how to do it in a microwave seeing as I have no stove. Also wondering if I can subtract a point if I leave out the light cream cheese.

Just found this on the weight watcher website:
2 item(s) egg white(s), beat with a fork in a microwave deep dish
1 slice(s) fat-free hard or semi-soft cheese, break in small pieces and add to egg white
1 serving(s) tomatoe of vegetable of your choice


beat egg white and add cheese and vegetable. Put in microwave for 30 seconds to more until done. Rises in the container so be sure its big enough not to overflow.

I seem to remember the saying to eat like a king at breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for dinner. Which means breakfast should be the biggest meal which makes sense because then you will have all day to wear-off the calories. So I would need more then the above 1- point breakfast to satisfy me.