Well I still got up early but haven’t really accomplished anything, even though I have been awake for hours. Believe it or not…it’s snowing outside, so I will be calling a taxi to take me up to the fire station later today for my 1st Aid class. Which should be interesting as I have never been inside the fire station here.

Hmmmm, seems like I should bring my camera with me today.

Then after my class, I might go to the gym at the rec center…depending how I feel after a 3-hour 1st Aid class. I really need to find a way to spend more time in the gym. I joined Jasmine’s running challenge

and hopefully will sign-up for a FIT challenge in Flagstaff this Summer-except I need to find a partner to join with me for that. I need to sign up by June 3rd.

A co-worker is also giving me a TV and now I want to order wii games from amazon. I don’t care about cable..I just want something to watch my DVD movies and play wii games. I even found a “Biggest Loser wii-game”. I know I couldn’t tolerate being on that show but maybe I can get into the wii-game.

Well I need to organize my room to have space for the TV, that the co-worker is bringing over tomorrow. Have to make sure it is close enough to an electric outlet. So I will finish my coffee & applesauce and spend time cleaning before going to my class at 1pm-4pm.