I thought for sure when I went to my Weightwatcher meeting that the scale would tell me I gained weight. I didn’t do a very good job of tracking my food this week, but I know that I ate to much bread & bagels and did not have enough water.
But to my surprise, I actually lost 3 pounds. Ha, never knew the number 3 could make me feel so good.

Another member of this group has me looking for info about his fresh homemade juice that he has been making for himself. Now normally the fruits & veggies that he used had zero PlusPoints (beets,carrots,spinach,broccoli,apples). But here is the answer I got from the WW-site about this:

PointsPlus Values for the ingredients add up differently in the recipe builder, than the PointsPlus Tracker. This is because the nutrition information per serving for the entire recipe—including fruits & veggies—is calculated BEFORE the PointsPlus value is applied.
Now I got a PointsPlus Value of “13” for his juice. Now this boggles my mind…if everything in the juice has zero points when eaten all by itself…how does it jump to 13????

I loved making my own juice and miss my old juicer. I really should order a new one.

Well before my meeting…this morning I went to the store and bought myself some snacks. Right now I am eating grapes that I bought today and I got some frozen blueberries to go into my oatmeal in the morning. Seeing as its still snowing outside, I was in the mood for hot chocolate so I bought a box. I have not checked the Points Value for it yet but I will. Just from looking at the nutrition label on the box, I would complain about the sodium content in this hot chocolate except it has almost the same amount as the “strawberry-banana” drink mix that I got tonight at the Weightwatchers meeting.

Why does cold-snowy weather make me want hot chocolate, even more then coffee. Must be some old habit left-over from childhood or something. Sorta like my drinking peppermint tea before going to bed sometimes. Wierd how I associate different drinks with old childhood Winter memories. Yes the calander says May, but if you look out the window you would swear the “Mother Nature” wants to keep Winter a little longer.