I started out with good intentions this morning.
Had plain instant oatmeal with 1/2 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder mixed into it before I went to work. I even put my work-out clothes into my backpack so I could change right after work….BUT I forgot to grab my Gym membership I.D. card.

We were super busy at work today. 2 big schools from around Scottsdale,AZ came in for breakfast…about the same time a French tour group came in. With only 2 bussers today, we got a workout just running around the dining room trying to clean up.

For my break; I got the fruit-plate and a side order of scrambled eggs. After work I got a pound of salad from the salad bar and some dixed up fruit from the general store (along with a new Danielle Steele novel).

OK, its 72 degrees outside now and I am to tired now to walk up to the gym. Guess I will just do yoga and work-out out with my weights in my room. But I will put the gym membership I.D. card in my backpack now, so I will be all ready for tomorrow.
I still have to figure out that Jacobs Ladder machine.

1 of the cooks suprised me today when she started asking me for info about the weight-watchers group. Maybe she will join me there on Tuesday. Also 1 of the shuttle bus drivers wants to join-after she is done with the dentist.

Well I have to get offline so I can eat & work-out. I work again tomorrow and am thinking about walking to work instead of taking the bus. It’s easier to walk to work in the morning because its not so darn hot out and I am not so darn tired in the mornings. But that means I have my flashlight & uniform all ready to leave earlier in the morning.