Goals: You can’t set the course for where you’re going, until you know where you are.

The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself.

Above^ are 2 sayings/quotes that I found this morning that I liked. It doesnt matter if you are setting goals that have to do with your fitness level or your education or the amount in your savings account. One of my brothers always told me that EVERYONE needs some sort of goal.
Course a goal is something that you are actually working towards, otherwise it’s just a fantasy-wishful thinking type of thing. Have you ever seen a horse race. Well the horses have those blinder things on the side of their head to prevent them from being distracted away from the finish line (which is their goal). Well my brother is just like the racehorse. I wish I was more like my brother…in that way.

Alot of times I think something is a goal but after a couple weeks I lose focus and/or motivation to keep going towards it. Which would seem like I am not very good at being committed to myself; and need to change that.

When my kids were young, they complained about me wasting money on health & fitness type magazines and called the bodybuilders magazines “Mommys porn”. As my son’s got older, they got interested in working-out….so I guess I didn’t waste my money after all. Even though I bought the magazines I didn’t really work-out back then…now my sons are part of my inspiration for joining a gym this month. I also get motivated by watching “The Biggest Loser” show.

I had joined weight-watchers online but for me, the real motivation is in the small local group that started here (at least for me anyways). It makes me more accountable to HAVE to walk into the group and get on a scale with someone else writing down the weight. Its to easy to forget to weigh-in for the online stuff and to easy to type in whatever I want….basically to easy to sit on my butt and do nothing. I need something that will kick me in the butt; something to make me “JUST DO IT” as NIKE would say.

I went to the gym yesterday. A co-worker came in while I was on the recumbent bike and later helped me with the rowing machines and gave me a quick tour of a couple other machines that I had not tried yet. I think its good now that a few people at work know about my effort to lose weight as they have been pretty good to ask how I am doing and keep me going forward.