Fat grams=11
Carbs= 28
Fiber= 1
Which all total= 6 WW Points

Now I don’t usually eat snickers but I went to the cafeteria close to my dorm and grabbed the candybar from the gift shop after I had lunch. Now lunch was good…I had a chicken breast, rice, vegetable medley, dinner roll with butter and coffee. I also got a banana to save for later. Now if I calculated the points for my lunch correctly, I ate 17 points during this 1 meal. Good thing I don’t eat that very often.

Now the weather today is crazy. Mother Nature must be bi-polar because today it will rain, then hail pounds my windows, then it snows for a bit then turns back to rain. The wind has been blowing all day. I could see a patch of blue sky when I went to the cafeteria but that was just a teaser to make me think that it was trying to warm up. According to weatherbug, we have a 40% chance of snow tomorrow.
Can you believe that…SNOW IN LATE MAY!!!

Well seeing as I’m spending the rest of the evening inside I might as well go do laundry and make sure everything is ready for work tomorrow.