Clean-Up Day

I had requested today off from work because first I was going to go on a rec center trip to Sedona,AZ; then a couple co-workers asked if I wanted to go to Flagstaff with them. But I have now decided to just stay home and clean.

Realized that my frig is almost beyond help because somehow it got unplugged without me realizing it and who knows how long that it had been unplugged. So that will be a major job (well at least for me it’s major). I have now switched outlets to use for my frig so hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

While I am in the mood to clean, I should also re-organize all my food/pantry items and wash dishes. Then maybe I will go up to the store to some grocery shoppng seeng as am out of bread, peanut butter, fresh fruit and soymilk…and maybe will get some more birdseye frozen veggies.

I have also been checking out the recipes at >> and over at>>>
so maybe I will buy stuff to make something from one of those sites.

Well seeing as I took a nap after work yesterday and then was rudely woken up about 9pm by loud people outside, I am still awake now at 12:30am. But I might as well take out the trash and organize all my magazines & books that I have laying around.

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