There was a contest that I read about on facebook called “Who Am I”, even though I missed yesterday’s deadline I thought it was a neat idea and decided to make my own post about who I am. This is similair to something earlier to what I have posted on other sites.

*Ten Random Things About Me*
1. I like spending time alone
2. I have 1 tattoo
3. I have a wierd sleep schedule
4. Love small hidden away coffee shops, Hate Starbucks coffee
5. I love elephants! so don’t buy me any gifts made of ivory
6. Want to lose weight but still raid the candy machine
7. Recently started working-out at a gym
8. Love-Love-Love my rice cooker
9. I watch “The Biggest Loser” online every week now (don’t have a TV)
10. I live in the “land of later”~ask & I will explain

*Nine Ways To Win My Heart*
1. make me laugh
2. Be honest~NO MATTER WHAT!
3. serenade me while playing the guitar
4. cook me dinner & wash the dish without complaining
5. shut the ballgames off when I’m with u
6. be good with dogs & kids
7. dance in public~even if u have 2 left foot & don’t know how
8. be my shoulder to cry on if I need it
9. don’t laugh or call my opinions dumb even if u don’t agree

*Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die*
1. visit Asia~
2. visit all 50 states
3. become a famous photographer
4. hike to the bottom of Grand Canyon & camp out there
5. visit a buddhist temple
6. finish school
7. write a book
8. legally change my name

*Seven Ways To Annoy Me*
1. ask me a question a million times cuz u never listen the first hundred times when I answered
2. people throwing trash on ground especially when they walk past trash cans
3. people who are mean to pets for no reason
4. racial bigots
5. not using turn signals when driving
6. complain about my veggie burgers & soymilk
7. tell me I can’t do something JUST cuz I’m a girl

*6 Organizations I Like & Believe In*
2.The Shriner’s Hospital for Children
3.Homes for Humanity
4.Salvation Army
5.Voices Against Violence
6.HIV/AIDS Services

*Five Things I Am Afraid Of*
1. driving in snow
2. heights
3. drowning
4. standing up in front of big group to do any speech/book reports
5. never seeing loved ones again

*Four Turn Ons*

*Three Things I Do Everyday*

1. shit
2. shower
3. sleep

*Two Things I Could Not Live Without*
1. music
2. coffee

*One Person I Want To See*
1. Grandchildren