Right now I am doing what he calls the 14-Day Jump Start. This jump start plan has me avoiding sugar, fruits, and starches. And believe me fruit & starches/carbs are my favorite thing to eat so this will be a tough 14 days. There is a 90 day plan that will allow you to have some fruit & healthy carbs and that sounds alot easier and I will try that after I am done with the beginning jump-start plan.

Now while growing up I could eat all the pasta, peanut butter sandwiches and ice cream that I wanted and not think twice about it because I never gained weight as a kid. After having kids, I could gain weight just by thinking of food. My problem is that I can overeat when bored or in situations where everyone else around me is eating (and I work in a cafeteria).

I have been searching online for info from other people who has used the RevAbs program, and someone suggested putting your favorite meals & snacks on index cards and rotating them throughout the 14 days. He even had his 2 weeks worth of meals posted in a schedule on his blog.

So I’m flipping through the nutrtion guide that came with my DVD’s to find my favorites. Problem is that I don’t have a real kitchen so anything that needs to be cooked with a stove/oven is OUT. Now the omelette & Mexican scramble can actually sorta be done in a microwave but I’m not in the habit of seperating eggs just to use egg whites. I don’t have patience or talent for that, (and the cafeteria where I work uses liquid eggs).

At least the lunches look easier, but my food cost will be going up this coming week. There is only 5 different dinners listed in the guide. I never buy shrimp or steak, so that drops it down to 3 dinners to try. I rarely ever get pork chops at the cafeteria and the Tilapia with oven roasted veggies is OUT because I have no oven to cook them.
Wonder if I can substitute whatever fish is being served at the cafeteria for the day for the Tilapia and get frozen veggies from the store to nuke in my microwave in place of the roasted asparagus that is listed in the guide.

Well ok, this nutrition plan will take some work to tweek it out to fit my lifestyle & location. My co-workers are already used to my strange likes/dislikes and they have been pretty interested in all the weight-watcher stuff I come up with all this month; wonder what they will say when I stop getting the fruit plate during my breaktime for the next 14 days.

The beachbody site and some blogs I read claim this is not a radical diet to suffer through. LOL~obviously they live near more then 1 store to buy all the food they need on this diet AND they have a normal kitchen to cook it all in. For someone like me…this diet might be considered radical. Oh hell, I am calling it radical.

When To Eat:>>
For the flattest abs, plan your meals so you eat approximately every 2 to 3 hours while you’re awake. Stop eating approximately 3 hours before going to bed.
Well I usually go to bed pretty early because I get up early for work. So I would have to stop eating by 4pm, sometimes 3pm. I’m not sure how they expect people to eat every few hours while they are working…guess I have an excuse to hide snacks in my apron pockets and hide out in the bathrooms every few hours just to eat. I mean get real—who has a break from work every 2-3 hours?