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4 Pounds in 4 & 1/2 Days

I have no idea how I did it…but I was thrilled with the number that popped up on the scales this morning. Somehow I lost weight this week and I hope I don’t find it again.

I went to a WW meeting last Tuesday night and I was at 168.6# (or 168.4, I forget right off hand); and today I stepped on the scales in the rec center before coming into the computer lab and I was down to 164.6#.

I have not really been eating all that great and I still haven’t gone back into the gym. The only thing different is that I sleep more now that my laptop crashed. WOW, all those articles about sleep effecting your weight must be right. Never would of believed it if I hadn’t stepped on the scales today to see the numbers drop. I also seem to have more time for walking. Today I walked up to the rec center and other days I walk part of the rim trail to enjoy the view. Yup, after 4 years here, I still find it peaceful to walk the rim trail.

OK, we don’t have a WW-meeting this week, so maybe by the time we meet again on the 28th, I will really have something to celebrate with everyone.

Another lady in my WW-group sent me a link to get a discount for the Weight Watchers magazine>>>

Hmm, maybe I should try on those old capri pants that I have packed away. I brought them with me here over 4 years ago and I haven’t worn them in soooo long. Sure I still think it’s silly to keep clothes that don’t fit; as they take up space that could go for clothes that really do fit…but oh well, call me a pack-rat if you want.

Think tonight I will go celebrate at Maswik. Don’t worry, I won’t get carried away. Celebrating to me will just be a big salad and some raspberry ice tea. I already know that the ice tea is worth 4 PlusPoints.


Hard Drive Crash

The above picture isn’t mine…I found it on the public computer that I am using at the Rec Center today. (but it is my backyard) and I just loved the colors. I also just realized what today was…well another year that I didn’t make it to Hawaii today…oh well there is always next year or the year after that. Hmmm, does it really matter anymore if I ever get there…not so much now

My laptop seems to have crashed, and I will need to get it fixed somehow. So in the meantime I am stuck using public computers for a very,very limited time each day.

I came up to the Rec center today because in an hour it will be time for my Weight watchers meeting. Hopefully the scale that we use in the meeting likes me better then the public scales that is in the front room of the Rec Center. I weighed myself on the public scale and it says I weigh 168.2# which is a one-pound gain from last week. So I am hoping for a better number when I get into my meeting and use the weight-watchers scale.
Guess I won’t really be surprised though if I really did gain a pound. This morning I went out to eat and I went over my PlusPoints before noon today. Doesn’t take long when you have the breakfast potatoes & sausage included with breakfast. Definitely need to go back to eating REAL food again and none of this processed crap.

If I remember correctly, there will be no meeting next week as our leader will be out of town. So if I end up with a gain tonight then I have 2 weeks to bring my weight back down.

Now without a working laptop at home I have more time to read books, go walking around, and I might even weed out more boxes of “stuff”. Now wouldn’t that be a miracle if I could actually get everything weeded out enough, so that if I actually get a job elsewhere…then I won’t jump into panic-mode over what to do with it all.

Challenging Day

I had been craving an apple pie from McDonald’s for quite awhile and finally went in yesterday to get 1. Good thing the price went up or I would have eaten 2 before coming home to check the WWpoints for it. It cost almost $2 at the register, but it also cost me 7 PlusPoints for weight-watchers.

And I went to McDonalds AFTER getting a rice-bowl at the IMAX theater-where I went to the live bird show. I have no idea how to figure out the points for “orange chicken”. I got a big surprise with the water I bought. SOBE lifewater actually has 2PlusPoints. You would think water had no value but in this case, it’s because there is 17 grams of carbs in this water. All because I wanted water with some flavor in it (pomegranate cherry) So I am better off with just plain water next time.

So I went to bed super early just so I wouldn’t get bored and eat anymore for the day…which only means I got up super early too. Geez, I can’t win!! But I plan on just having salad when I go get more pictures of co-workers this afternoon.

Unexpected Shopping Trip

After I got to work yesterday, a friend came in for coffee and mentioned that he was going down to Williams, after he clocked out from his porter job to go get a haircut. So I asked him if I could ride down with him and go to Safeway.

I did pretty good…meaning I didn’t buy “alot” junk or at least what I call junk.(oh but I did get a couple treats though) My total bill was $77.20, which was more then I had expected it to be. That’s what happens when I haven’t been to Safeway in about a month and I start throwing things into my cart without really looking at the price of stuff before I get to the register.

Even though parts of North America are having some cucumber scare, I did buy 2 of them for $1.
Seems like every Summer we have a problem with a produce item. Must be the government’s way of selling more corn products because we never have a problem with corn and the government (or whoever)want to put corn syrup, corn oil and anything else made from corn into us. They also feed cows lots of corn…that should tell you something. Sorry but I don’t want to get as big as a cow.

Actually I don’t think I have let the world’s produce scare, change my mind about buying produce at all since I have been living here. I like produce and as long as I personal don’t get sick from it then I will keep on buying it. But it makes me wonder what the next item will be that makes the news headlines.
Well I already know; that it won’t be corn.

Traveling Journal~Wow it’s June!

Last night I went to our small local WW meeting. I only lost .6 (point 6)pounds this week. I am not very good at tracking, so I seem to have gotten the honor of bringing home our groups “traveling journal” for this week.

We are using 1 of the 3-month Trackers as a group book. Every week a different person will take it home to fill out. If that person has a good or bad weigh-in then everyone will see why. If someone had an interesting or different type of meal then everyone else can see that and ask for the recipe.

So far for today~~I have used up 9 points before noon. Not to bad, as I have 20 more daily points to use before I go to bed tonight.

I also need to round-up my “scary” pictures for next week’s meeting. Pictures when I was heavier or just looked heavier. I will have to ask Brenda to email me the picture she took of me on our trip to Antelope Canyon back in April 2008.

Wow, it is now June!! Where has this year gone? I am still wishing to lose 50 pounds by the end of this year which means I will need to lose 2+ pounds every week till the end of December