Traveling Journal~Wow it’s June!

Last night I went to our small local WW meeting. I only lost .6 (point 6)pounds this week. I am not very good at tracking, so I seem to have gotten the honor of bringing home our groups “traveling journal” for this week.

We are using 1 of the 3-month Trackers as a group book. Every week a different person will take it home to fill out. If that person has a good or bad weigh-in then everyone will see why. If someone had an interesting or different type of meal then everyone else can see that and ask for the recipe.

So far for today~~I have used up 9 points before noon. Not to bad, as I have 20 more daily points to use before I go to bed tonight.

I also need to round-up my “scary” pictures for next week’s meeting. Pictures when I was heavier or just looked heavier. I will have to ask Brenda to email me the picture she took of me on our trip to Antelope Canyon back in April 2008.

Wow, it is now June!! Where has this year gone? I am still wishing to lose 50 pounds by the end of this year which means I will need to lose 2+ pounds every week till the end of December

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