After I got to work yesterday, a friend came in for coffee and mentioned that he was going down to Williams, after he clocked out from his porter job to go get a haircut. So I asked him if I could ride down with him and go to Safeway.

I did pretty good…meaning I didn’t buy “alot” junk or at least what I call junk.(oh but I did get a couple treats though) My total bill was $77.20, which was more then I had expected it to be. That’s what happens when I haven’t been to Safeway in about a month and I start throwing things into my cart without really looking at the price of stuff before I get to the register.

Even though parts of North America are having some cucumber scare, I did buy 2 of them for $1.
Seems like every Summer we have a problem with a produce item. Must be the government’s way of selling more corn products because we never have a problem with corn and the government (or whoever)want to put corn syrup, corn oil and anything else made from corn into us. They also feed cows lots of corn…that should tell you something. Sorry but I don’t want to get as big as a cow.

Actually I don’t think I have let the world’s produce scare, change my mind about buying produce at all since I have been living here. I like produce and as long as I personal don’t get sick from it then I will keep on buying it. But it makes me wonder what the next item will be that makes the news headlines.
Well I already know; that it won’t be corn.