I had been craving an apple pie from McDonald’s for quite awhile and finally went in yesterday to get 1. Good thing the price went up or I would have eaten 2 before coming home to check the WWpoints for it. It cost almost $2 at the register, but it also cost me 7 PlusPoints for weight-watchers.

And I went to McDonalds AFTER getting a rice-bowl at the IMAX theater-where I went to the live bird show. I have no idea how to figure out the points for “orange chicken”. I got a big surprise with the water I bought. SOBE lifewater actually has 2PlusPoints. You would think water had no value but in this case, it’s because there is 17 grams of carbs in this water. All because I wanted water with some flavor in it (pomegranate cherry) So I am better off with just plain water next time.

So I went to bed super early just so I wouldn’t get bored and eat anymore for the day…which only means I got up super early too. Geez, I can’t win!! But I plan on just having salad when I go get more pictures of co-workers this afternoon.