The above picture isn’t mine…I found it on the public computer that I am using at the Rec Center today. (but it is my backyard) and I just loved the colors. I also just realized what today was…well another year that I didn’t make it to Hawaii today…oh well there is always next year or the year after that. Hmmm, does it really matter anymore if I ever get there…not so much now

My laptop seems to have crashed, and I will need to get it fixed somehow. So in the meantime I am stuck using public computers for a very,very limited time each day.

I came up to the Rec center today because in an hour it will be time for my Weight watchers meeting. Hopefully the scale that we use in the meeting likes me better then the public scales that is in the front room of the Rec Center. I weighed myself on the public scale and it says I weigh 168.2# which is a one-pound gain from last week. So I am hoping for a better number when I get into my meeting and use the weight-watchers scale.
Guess I won’t really be surprised though if I really did gain a pound. This morning I went out to eat and I went over my PlusPoints before noon today. Doesn’t take long when you have the breakfast potatoes & sausage included with breakfast. Definitely need to go back to eating REAL food again and none of this processed crap.

If I remember correctly, there will be no meeting next week as our leader will be out of town. So if I end up with a gain tonight then I have 2 weeks to bring my weight back down.

Now without a working laptop at home I have more time to read books, go walking around, and I might even weed out more boxes of “stuff”. Now wouldn’t that be a miracle if I could actually get everything weeded out enough, so that if I actually get a job elsewhere…then I won’t jump into panic-mode over what to do with it all.