I have no idea how I did it…but I was thrilled with the number that popped up on the scales this morning. Somehow I lost weight this week and I hope I don’t find it again.

I went to a WW meeting last Tuesday night and I was at 168.6# (or 168.4, I forget right off hand); and today I stepped on the scales in the rec center before coming into the computer lab and I was down to 164.6#.

I have not really been eating all that great and I still haven’t gone back into the gym. The only thing different is that I sleep more now that my laptop crashed. WOW, all those articles about sleep effecting your weight must be right. Never would of believed it if I hadn’t stepped on the scales today to see the numbers drop. I also seem to have more time for walking. Today I walked up to the rec center and other days I walk part of the rim trail to enjoy the view. Yup, after 4 years here, I still find it peaceful to walk the rim trail.

OK, we don’t have a WW-meeting this week, so maybe by the time we meet again on the 28th, I will really have something to celebrate with everyone.

Another lady in my WW-group sent me a link to get a discount for the Weight Watchers magazine>>>

Hmm, maybe I should try on those old capri pants that I have packed away. I brought them with me here over 4 years ago and I haven’t worn them in soooo long. Sure I still think it’s silly to keep clothes that don’t fit; as they take up space that could go for clothes that really do fit…but oh well, call me a pack-rat if you want.

Think tonight I will go celebrate at Maswik. Don’t worry, I won’t get carried away. Celebrating to me will just be a big salad and some raspberry ice tea. I already know that the ice tea is worth 4 PlusPoints.