First I need to explain the time off from here. On the 21st, Alicia and I went to the rec center together to get weighed on the public scales (not the official WW scales). Even though we were not having a meeting we wanted to still have an idea of how we did for the week.
I have since learned….don’t weigh myself everytime I go up to the rec center during the week and try to weigh myself around the same time of day. I seem to lose weight in the mornings.
On the official WW scales…I only lost 1 pound in 2 weeks. So this week I ended up at 167.4#.

But now, a shuttle bus driver (Barbara) has finally decided to join me at the meetings. So now it seems more like I will have a buddy-system. I see this driver often during the week and she always asks how I am doing on WW.

I got this (4th of July)holiday weekend off from work…YEE-HAW!! I plan on spending the whole day in Tusayan on Sunday. There should be a BBQ, some band playing, a light parade and a bunch of other stuff going on.
I just need to plan ahead for this BBQ; and not pig out and bring lots of water to drink as I am sure it will be hot outside, and I don’t want to get tempted to buy any soda.