Even after pigging-out this last weekend I still lost weight at tonight’s WW meeting. ok, so it was only .2 pounds but at least it wasn’t a gain…like I was expecting. I
expected a gain because when I came up to the rec center yesterday, I stepped on the public scales and saw a 2 pound gain. Guess there is a reason to always use the same scales to weigh yourself.

See I went to Maswik’s Pizza Pub late on Saturday night and had 2 slices of pizza, some breadsticks with cheese & ranch dressing and a 20 ounce beer. Then on Sunday I went to McDonald’s. I should of only had the Asian salad but then I also ordered a crispy chicken sandwich with fries and a soda. I have no idea why I got the soda because I had bottled water in my backpack. I guess its something about being in a fast-food place and I end up getting the whole meal instead of just a sandwich.

It was the first time I have tried the Asian salad at McDonald’s and it was pretty good. I’m not sure what possessed me to get it with crispy chicken and not the grilled chicken though. The whole complete salad had 22 total grams of fat, 35 grams of carbs, 6 grams of fiber and 24 grams of protein. (need to figure out the WW-PlusPoints later…but I didn’t eat most of the sweet dressing and didn’t finish all the salad.) It might have been the first time I ever had edamame and I liked the mandarin oranges & almonds in my salad.

It was raining out on Sunday so I didn’t stay in Tusayan for the BBQ; but that is probably a good thing. It stopped raining that night and a bunch of people said I missed a good parade. It has been raining again today and I will probably get soaked as I walk home tonight from the rec center. Not a good thing…seeing as I seem to be getting a sore throat this week. But at least the earache is gone tonight.

Well I really should walk home now while the bright red sunset is out. I might get an ice cream for the walk home…as 1 last splurge (I promise). Then I have next week off from work so I will have lots of time to start coming back to the gym.