Yesterday morning, I went into work for a few hours to help out (it was my day off). The unit manager gave me a ‘free’ meal card for doing that.

This morning I stopped into work to give another manager some jewelry-making supplies that I have been wanting to get rid of. I stopped making jewelry before I got my glasses, which was 11 months ago.

So on the way back home today, I stopped at the employee cafe and had an omelette & rye toast & banana for breakfast.
For a late lunch (early dinner) I decided to use the free-meal card at the cafeteria near my dorm. The meal cards let us get an entree, small salad, drink & dessert. I got a chicken burrito & fries for the entree. I got jello for dessert…pretty sure its only the second time I have bought jello in since I got here. Now I am stuffed…even though I brought the salad home and haven’t eaten it yet.

I should do a few more chores around my room, but now I have no energy to move and just want to lay down to sleep. It rained for a few minutes while I was having my burrito at the cafeteria, so at least the temperature is a bit cooler outside. But I don’t even have the energy to carry my trash downstairs and enjoy the weather right now.

Oh well, if I fall asleep now I will be up early for work tomorrow and I should have time to do some chores before work.