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Full-Steam Ahead Into September

WOW, the Summer season is coming to an end. I know this because business has been slow for the last week.

The Biggest Loser will also be back for a new season starting on Sept 20th. I am looking forward to seeing what the newest trainer “Harvey Walden” has in store for the show. He is an ex-Marine and I am curious to see if he will try to turn the show into a mini boot-camp.
As some of you might know, I went to my son’s graduation from basic training in the Army earlier this month and I am still amazed at all he had accomplished. One thing I can never agrue with is the military’s discipline in keeping fit.

Right now, 2 of my son’s are in the Army….and I want just an ounce of their motivation & discipline. I am amazed at what military people have to go through during basic training; and need to learn some of that ‘military mentality’ to see me through my weight-loss.

As my dad used to always say~~You are what you eat. But no matter how many times I heard that or how many health magazines I read now……the best way for me to understand that saying was to go to my son’s military base.
I have never joined the military….but the military will be helping me lose weight. I am a proud MILITARY MOMMA!

I had never really complained about the size of my arms while I gained weight after having 7 kids. (Course even though they stayed small, my arms have almost-zero strength or muscle tone). But this year I have noticed that they have started flapping around like ‘chicken wings’ and I am NOT impressed with the fact that I might have inherited my grandmothers arms. So for the month of September I have found a list of exercises to do and will be digging out my weights to see if I can really make a difference in my arms.

I have also come to the realization that no matter how many times I say that I will walk more…it doesn’t really happen very often. The problem is that I wait to late in the day when I am already tired or its to hot outside. Course I live in AZ, so for me, its hot the minute the sun comes up…around 7am, I think its a sauna outside. I really need to start walking to work in the mornings when its still dark out. It used to take me 30-40 minutes to walk to work, so if I leave my room about the same time I do to catch the bus then I will still get to work on time (instead of early when I take the bus). Hey I am awake early anyways, so I might as well get moving instead of sitting on my butt with my laptop in the mornings.

As Harvey would say…NO EXCUSES!


Last Hour Here

Saturday, August 20, 2011
I’m sitting in the Super 8…sipping some strong coffee. My son is still sleeping.
I already went downstairs to grab food from the free breakfast area. Watched some people make waffles but I didn’t bother to try any. I grabbed a couple packages of instant oatmeal to take with me on the bus along with another orange. I will save last night’s pizza for my son & his girlfriend….seeing as they will probably still be sleeping by the time “breakfast” is over at this hotel.

The bus stop in this town is at a “Donut King” and right next door to “Denny’s”. I guess we can all blame the Greyhound bus company for keeping us fat.
My first stop will be at St.Roberts Missouri, so I can run in to get bottled water. I don’t want to have to buy bottled water on Oklahoma cuz its real expensive there….more then some other bus stations. And I have 3 stops in Oklahoma…Tulsa, OK City, and Elk City. Elk City is the best one to buy snacks at, but this time around I should get there at 11pm and only have 15 minutes there.

OOOOH, and if anyone ever wants to move where they have cheap gas…go to Missouri. Gas is usually between $3.20-$3.29 all the way from the OK border up to Rolla,Missouri. ok, maybe you might find it cheaper somewhere else but seeing as I live in Northern AZ….this is cheap gas in my opinion compared to where I live. OK, I need to finish packing and then go wait outside in the rain for my taxi to take me to the bus stop here….and need to keep reminding myself NO DONUTS

Lunch @ Ruby Tuesday & breakfast @ hotel

After my son’s graduation from basic training yesterday, we went out for lunch at Ruby Tuesday…seems like alot of families from graduation had the same idea too as it was real busy. This was my first time of ever eating at “Ruby Tuesday”. Kevin says the one we went to in Missouri is smaller then the one he went to in GA, with his older brother.

I got Herb-crusted Tilapia (YUMMY) and side orders of steamed broccoli & rice pilaf. My son got steak & his girlfriend got some shrimp dish. For their side orders they both got mashed potato & mashed cauliflower. My side-orders looked more appertizing then theirs.

This morning the girlfriend and I went downstairs for the free breakfast (at Super 8 motel).
we both got coffee, OJ, and bagels this morning. I grabbed 2 oranges and hard-boiled eggs for us to eat later. I will have time for this free breakfast again tomorrow before I leave to head back home on the bus.

Back to Basics

For my own reasons I need to get back to basics-with my eating and my activities. My basics for food is more like the way my dad told me to eat while I was growing up. Dad had a green-thumb and loved gardening. Dad also hated artifical coloring in our food and he was pretty strict about the amount of candy we got while growing up. In a way, Dad was ahead of his time for trying to make sure we ate “REAL & NATURAL” food.
I grew up slim and without alot of food-related health problems too. I also never had a cavity until I was in high school either. I believe Dad’s strict food issues are to be thanked for all that. From what I remember I also had more energy back then and it can’t be just because I was younger either.

At this moment in my life, I have no kitchen in my dorm, but I do have a microwave, rice cooker and blender that I use sometimes. Lately it seems that I mostly just grab something to eat at 1 of the cafeterias.
Now without a kitchen and with the fact that I am to lazy to prepare most recipes (besides to really prepare most recipes means that you will be making a slight mess and I am also to lazy to clean up afterwards).

This does not mean that I have to eat alot of processed, frozen microwave dinners either. I will continue to get packages of plain frozen veggies though. Not veggies with any sauce mixed in, but just plain veggies where the ONLY ingredients listed on the package is vegetables. I will continue to add canned black beans and/or canned tuna in my salads. I don’t use salad dressings but would like to learn how to make my own dressings to add variety to my salads. But for now the beans & tuna add just enough moisture to help swallow the greens in the salad.

Imagine that when you are born, you are born with a certain ‘bank balance’, of health. This would mainly be due to your genes and inherited qualities and pre-dispose you to certain diseases if the conditions were allowed later in life.

As with any ‘bank balance’ you can only take out, what you already have in it or you would eventually run out and you would need to write IOU’s.

The same goes for your body and your life.

You take,take,take continually making poor choices and promise to do better tomorrow. For awhile your body can replenish itself while it waits patiently for you to replenish its stock. Until one day it can’t sustain your lifestyle anymore and you manifest symptoms of ill-health.

Just like a real bank~you will be warned when your account is getting low. If you ignore the signs then you will be in trouble.

Why are bad habits so easy to fall into, but it feels like a personal world war to take-on a good habit and keep it going?
To keep this battle going; I am setting out the salty/processed ramen noodles & lipton noodle packages out onto the free table of my dorm today.

Need a shot of reality!

It’s the weekend and I have been lazy all day. Ok, I did walk over to the employee cafe for breakfast (rode bus back) and I got 1 load of laundry going. But for the most part I have spent way to many hours sitting on my butt with my laptop or I was laying down sleeping in the middle of the day.

I really need to finish cleaning out my closet…but am I doing anything with it today~NO! that job is just to over-whelming. I have SOOOO much stuff crammed in there that I don’t even know where to begin.
Sure drag everything out so that closet is totally empty and then go through everything piece-by-piece. Only problem is that I live in a small dorm-room and I don’t have space to drag everything out of my closet and pile it in the middle of my room. Believe me–my closet should be on the show “Hoarders”.

Today I also realized that I have about 45 more days to wait for the next season of “The Biggest Loser” to start up. I will miss Jillian…sometimes I think I need someone like her to get me moving to do anything. But then again, I would be like the guy (Dan or Don) last season who yelled back at her or the guy (Rulon) who walked off the show.
I will be watching this next season every week on my laptop the mornings after it is shown on TV, just like I did for the last season. I love the show no matter how unrealistic it might be at times, even though I know I could never ever put up with everything the contestants have to deal with.

ok, that show might be to extreme for me in real life, but I know that I sure do need something. Because I can watch the reality shows…’Heavy’; ‘Extreme Makeover Weight-loss Edition’; and ‘The Biggest Loser’. I can collect & read tons of health magazines & nutrition/fitness books from amazon, and have a shelf full of workout DVD’s (that are collecting dust again)… where do I buy a kick-in-the-a$$, that I need to get moving.

Couple weeks ago yahoo had a news story about some guy who died from sitting all weekend playing on a playstation or some other game system. If I remember the story correctly, the guy developed a blood-clot from sitting so long. Well I have been known to sit through an entire 3-day holiday weekend before.
I swear that my room needs to be set up so that it can zap me with some type of electric shock _IF_ I have not gotten up to move around every 2 hours.

That might sound drastic and a bit silly…but I need something drastic. My weight has gone up & down the same 12 pounds for the last 5 years. It doesn’t matter what groups I join or what product I buy

Local WW group disappearing

There only seems to be about 4 members (not counting our leader) who usually show up for the meetings, but for the last 2 weeks our leader was by herself.
Now headquarters for the WW organization has sent her a messege wanting to know if she wants to cancel the group and give us a refund.

We live in such a small community inside a national park…that either people can’t afford to dish out $130 every 10 weeks for a “diet” group or they are to busy to come to meetings once a week.
I missed the meetings just because I was tired and fell asleep soon after I got home from work. AND I’m not sure if I would go back to doing the WW online program.

I have some of the WW books & points-plus calculator, so I should be able to do follow the program at home by myself. I have read sooooo much stuff on nutrition, fitness, and just general health that I should have some kind of college degree on those subjects by now. So ‘if’ I know the info and ‘if’ I really want to lose weight then there is no reason why I can’t do it by myself…without paying for any groups.

Besides if I want support of any kind I can get it from the site sparkpeople….and that site is free!!

Needing Some Changes

After work yesterday I dropped off the application for the HR receptionist job. If they hire someone based on their image and how they present themselves I probably won’t get the job. But I am still holding onto miracles and hope I get it.

When I had to have my unit manager sign my internal app; she was surprised that I was going for that job. She said I belong with lots of people; which is why she has me working in the dining room because I am so friendly & outgoing. Someone else mentioned their surprise at the fact that I wanted a desk job.

Well the HR job, has a quaranteed schedule Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (except with major federal holidays off). That time slot would be a big change for me. I think it will be a good change too.

I missed my second WW meeting in a row now. Yesterday I was tired when I got home and must of fallen asleep before 4pm. I woke up at 9pm, which means I won’t go back to sleep before I go to work later this morning.
I will have to miss another meeting later this month when I go on vacation to see my son graduate from basic training. Maybe I should not of even paid for this 10-week session of WW. Pretty sure this will be the last session here at the park anyways.
Then if I still want to do the Weight-watchers I can always do the online program. IF I can ever learn to be committed enough to do it properly. Well actually if I did it correctly/properly I wouldn’t need to pay for any group…I already have the information; so I should be able to just do it on my own.

Hopefully if I can get the new job, I can get into a better sleeping schedule and a new improved morning routine. There really is a reason that doctors tell new moms to keep their babies on a schedule for everything. Without a set routine, life can become chaos faster then you realize.