After work yesterday I dropped off the application for the HR receptionist job. If they hire someone based on their image and how they present themselves I probably won’t get the job. But I am still holding onto miracles and hope I get it.

When I had to have my unit manager sign my internal app; she was surprised that I was going for that job. She said I belong with lots of people; which is why she has me working in the dining room because I am so friendly & outgoing. Someone else mentioned their surprise at the fact that I wanted a desk job.

Well the HR job, has a quaranteed schedule Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (except with major federal holidays off). That time slot would be a big change for me. I think it will be a good change too.

I missed my second WW meeting in a row now. Yesterday I was tired when I got home and must of fallen asleep before 4pm. I woke up at 9pm, which means I won’t go back to sleep before I go to work later this morning.
I will have to miss another meeting later this month when I go on vacation to see my son graduate from basic training. Maybe I should not of even paid for this 10-week session of WW. Pretty sure this will be the last session here at the park anyways.
Then if I still want to do the Weight-watchers I can always do the online program. IF I can ever learn to be committed enough to do it properly. Well actually if I did it correctly/properly I wouldn’t need to pay for any group…I already have the information; so I should be able to just do it on my own.

Hopefully if I can get the new job, I can get into a better sleeping schedule and a new improved morning routine. There really is a reason that doctors tell new moms to keep their babies on a schedule for everything. Without a set routine, life can become chaos faster then you realize.