There only seems to be about 4 members (not counting our leader) who usually show up for the meetings, but for the last 2 weeks our leader was by herself.
Now headquarters for the WW organization has sent her a messege wanting to know if she wants to cancel the group and give us a refund.

We live in such a small community inside a national park…that either people can’t afford to dish out $130 every 10 weeks for a “diet” group or they are to busy to come to meetings once a week.
I missed the meetings just because I was tired and fell asleep soon after I got home from work. AND I’m not sure if I would go back to doing the WW online program.

I have some of the WW books & points-plus calculator, so I should be able to do follow the program at home by myself. I have read sooooo much stuff on nutrition, fitness, and just general health that I should have some kind of college degree on those subjects by now. So ‘if’ I know the info and ‘if’ I really want to lose weight then there is no reason why I can’t do it by myself…without paying for any groups.

Besides if I want support of any kind I can get it from the site sparkpeople….and that site is free!!