It’s the weekend and I have been lazy all day. Ok, I did walk over to the employee cafe for breakfast (rode bus back) and I got 1 load of laundry going. But for the most part I have spent way to many hours sitting on my butt with my laptop or I was laying down sleeping in the middle of the day.

I really need to finish cleaning out my closet…but am I doing anything with it today~NO! that job is just to over-whelming. I have SOOOO much stuff crammed in there that I don’t even know where to begin.
Sure drag everything out so that closet is totally empty and then go through everything piece-by-piece. Only problem is that I live in a small dorm-room and I don’t have space to drag everything out of my closet and pile it in the middle of my room. Believe me–my closet should be on the show “Hoarders”.

Today I also realized that I have about 45 more days to wait for the next season of “The Biggest Loser” to start up. I will miss Jillian…sometimes I think I need someone like her to get me moving to do anything. But then again, I would be like the guy (Dan or Don) last season who yelled back at her or the guy (Rulon) who walked off the show.
I will be watching this next season every week on my laptop the mornings after it is shown on TV, just like I did for the last season. I love the show no matter how unrealistic it might be at times, even though I know I could never ever put up with everything the contestants have to deal with.

ok, that show might be to extreme for me in real life, but I know that I sure do need something. Because I can watch the reality shows…’Heavy’; ‘Extreme Makeover Weight-loss Edition’; and ‘The Biggest Loser’. I can collect & read tons of health magazines & nutrition/fitness books from amazon, and have a shelf full of workout DVD’s (that are collecting dust again)… where do I buy a kick-in-the-a$$, that I need to get moving.

Couple weeks ago yahoo had a news story about some guy who died from sitting all weekend playing on a playstation or some other game system. If I remember the story correctly, the guy developed a blood-clot from sitting so long. Well I have been known to sit through an entire 3-day holiday weekend before.
I swear that my room needs to be set up so that it can zap me with some type of electric shock _IF_ I have not gotten up to move around every 2 hours.

That might sound drastic and a bit silly…but I need something drastic. My weight has gone up & down the same 12 pounds for the last 5 years. It doesn’t matter what groups I join or what product I buy