For my own reasons I need to get back to basics-with my eating and my activities. My basics for food is more like the way my dad told me to eat while I was growing up. Dad had a green-thumb and loved gardening. Dad also hated artifical coloring in our food and he was pretty strict about the amount of candy we got while growing up. In a way, Dad was ahead of his time for trying to make sure we ate “REAL & NATURAL” food.
I grew up slim and without alot of food-related health problems too. I also never had a cavity until I was in high school either. I believe Dad’s strict food issues are to be thanked for all that. From what I remember I also had more energy back then and it can’t be just because I was younger either.

At this moment in my life, I have no kitchen in my dorm, but I do have a microwave, rice cooker and blender that I use sometimes. Lately it seems that I mostly just grab something to eat at 1 of the cafeterias.
Now without a kitchen and with the fact that I am to lazy to prepare most recipes (besides to really prepare most recipes means that you will be making a slight mess and I am also to lazy to clean up afterwards).

This does not mean that I have to eat alot of processed, frozen microwave dinners either. I will continue to get packages of plain frozen veggies though. Not veggies with any sauce mixed in, but just plain veggies where the ONLY ingredients listed on the package is vegetables. I will continue to add canned black beans and/or canned tuna in my salads. I don’t use salad dressings but would like to learn how to make my own dressings to add variety to my salads. But for now the beans & tuna add just enough moisture to help swallow the greens in the salad.

Imagine that when you are born, you are born with a certain ‘bank balance’, of health. This would mainly be due to your genes and inherited qualities and pre-dispose you to certain diseases if the conditions were allowed later in life.

As with any ‘bank balance’ you can only take out, what you already have in it or you would eventually run out and you would need to write IOU’s.

The same goes for your body and your life.

You take,take,take continually making poor choices and promise to do better tomorrow. For awhile your body can replenish itself while it waits patiently for you to replenish its stock. Until one day it can’t sustain your lifestyle anymore and you manifest symptoms of ill-health.

Just like a real bank~you will be warned when your account is getting low. If you ignore the signs then you will be in trouble.

Why are bad habits so easy to fall into, but it feels like a personal world war to take-on a good habit and keep it going?
To keep this battle going; I am setting out the salty/processed ramen noodles & lipton noodle packages out onto the free table of my dorm today.