After my son’s graduation from basic training yesterday, we went out for lunch at Ruby Tuesday…seems like alot of families from graduation had the same idea too as it was real busy. This was my first time of ever eating at “Ruby Tuesday”. Kevin says the one we went to in Missouri is smaller then the one he went to in GA, with his older brother.

I got Herb-crusted Tilapia (YUMMY) and side orders of steamed broccoli & rice pilaf. My son got steak & his girlfriend got some shrimp dish. For their side orders they both got mashed potato & mashed cauliflower. My side-orders looked more appertizing then theirs.

This morning the girlfriend and I went downstairs for the free breakfast (at Super 8 motel).
we both got coffee, OJ, and bagels this morning. I grabbed 2 oranges and hard-boiled eggs for us to eat later. I will have time for this free breakfast again tomorrow before I leave to head back home on the bus.