Last Hour Here

Saturday, August 20, 2011
I’m sitting in the Super 8…sipping some strong coffee. My son is still sleeping.
I already went downstairs to grab food from the free breakfast area. Watched some people make waffles but I didn’t bother to try any. I grabbed a couple packages of instant oatmeal to take with me on the bus along with another orange. I will save last night’s pizza for my son & his girlfriend….seeing as they will probably still be sleeping by the time “breakfast” is over at this hotel.

The bus stop in this town is at a “Donut King” and right next door to “Denny’s”. I guess we can all blame the Greyhound bus company for keeping us fat.
My first stop will be at St.Roberts Missouri, so I can run in to get bottled water. I don’t want to have to buy bottled water on Oklahoma cuz its real expensive there….more then some other bus stations. And I have 3 stops in Oklahoma…Tulsa, OK City, and Elk City. Elk City is the best one to buy snacks at, but this time around I should get there at 11pm and only have 15 minutes there.

OOOOH, and if anyone ever wants to move where they have cheap gas…go to Missouri. Gas is usually between $3.20-$3.29 all the way from the OK border up to Rolla,Missouri. ok, maybe you might find it cheaper somewhere else but seeing as I live in Northern AZ….this is cheap gas in my opinion compared to where I live. OK, I need to finish packing and then go wait outside in the rain for my taxi to take me to the bus stop here….and need to keep reminding myself NO DONUTS


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