WOW, the Summer season is coming to an end. I know this because business has been slow for the last week.

The Biggest Loser will also be back for a new season starting on Sept 20th. I am looking forward to seeing what the newest trainer “Harvey Walden” has in store for the show. He is an ex-Marine and I am curious to see if he will try to turn the show into a mini boot-camp.
As some of you might know, I went to my son’s graduation from basic training in the Army earlier this month and I am still amazed at all he had accomplished. One thing I can never agrue with is the military’s discipline in keeping fit.

Right now, 2 of my son’s are in the Army….and I want just an ounce of their motivation & discipline. I am amazed at what military people have to go through during basic training; and need to learn some of that ‘military mentality’ to see me through my weight-loss.

As my dad used to always say~~You are what you eat. But no matter how many times I heard that or how many health magazines I read now……the best way for me to understand that saying was to go to my son’s military base.
I have never joined the military….but the military will be helping me lose weight. I am a proud MILITARY MOMMA!

I had never really complained about the size of my arms while I gained weight after having 7 kids. (Course even though they stayed small, my arms have almost-zero strength or muscle tone). But this year I have noticed that they have started flapping around like ‘chicken wings’ and I am NOT impressed with the fact that I might have inherited my grandmothers arms. So for the month of September I have found a list of exercises to do and will be digging out my weights to see if I can really make a difference in my arms.

I have also come to the realization that no matter how many times I say that I will walk more…it doesn’t really happen very often. The problem is that I wait to late in the day when I am already tired or its to hot outside. Course I live in AZ, so for me, its hot the minute the sun comes up…around 7am, I think its a sauna outside. I really need to start walking to work in the mornings when its still dark out. It used to take me 30-40 minutes to walk to work, so if I leave my room about the same time I do to catch the bus then I will still get to work on time (instead of early when I take the bus). Hey I am awake early anyways, so I might as well get moving instead of sitting on my butt with my laptop in the mornings.

As Harvey would say…NO EXCUSES!