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6 Months Left

Departing Flight – Friday, Mar 30, 2012

US Airways
Flight 140
Airbus Jet Jet

Phoenix (PHX)
07:50pm -Mar 30, Fri

Anchorage (ANC)
12:46am -Mar 31, Sat Nonstop

Flight Duration: 5hr 56min

Total Fare: $261.90

Yup, I DID IT!!!!! I am going to Alaska, with or without a job 🙂 The above ticket is non-refundable…now I feel like I should start singing LeeAnn Rhimes’ song…I bought a 1-way ticket, on a West-bound Train (well plane in my case). Anyways, I got 6 months to figure out what to do with all my stuff. Probably alot of it with get left on the free table downstairs and a few boxes will be mailed to my daughter in Maine.

Yes, as of lately this is the wildest thing I have done for awhile. It has been years since I had jumped on a bus to move to some unknown city without a job or a real place to live…and I miss those days. So I am jumping back on the “gypsy-wagon” and determined to have a new adventure next year.

Some of the job places in Alaska want a face-to-face interviews, I guess they like to hire people that are already in the area. Probably because then they don’t have to worry about whether you are going to actually show up for the job. So I plan on staying at the Spenard Hostel in Anchorage when I first get up there….and by the way, that hostel has a 2-day per week, houseparent job also 🙂 and free rent comes with that job…otherwise they charge less then $300/month rent. I plan on saving enough cash to pay for a couple months, just in case the houseparent job is full next April. Otherwise I might check out cheap rooms on craigslist.

But no matter where I end up staying…even if I have to pitch a tent somewhere…I know I will be staying in Alaska next Summer. YEE-HAW!!!!!
I love that song too…Please listen to it!!


First weekend of Autumn

Well I’m on a 3-day weekend right now. Originally I got the 3 days off to go on the Rec Center camping trip at the North Rim. But I don’t really have camping equipment and figured I would save money and just stay home.
I had to work on Saturday so I missed the rummage sale run by the Lion’s Club. I hear they had alot of camping gear for sale. The lion’s club has a super sale twice a year and even after being here for 4 years, I have never gone to 1 of their sales. But I hear that people line up at 4am for this thing…sounds like wal-mart on the “day after Thanksgiving sale” or when ever they have it (I always miss that too)

Yahoo says its 71 degrees here today, but I know if I turn my fan off that I would be sweating-to-death in my room, so yahoo must be wrong. Well it’s 7pm now and it’s slowly inching down to 70 degrees.

Well time to get off my lazy butt and do laundry, take out the trash and figure out what I want to eat for tonight. I had fruit for breakfast, took a nap and skipped lunch, and not really hungry now either…but thinking of food mostly out of boredom.