Besides sleeping and wasting time on the internet…which is how I spend to much of my time off from work.

This morning I walked over to e-cafe for breakfast and this afternoon I brought armloads of books downstairs to the free table. Books that I am not bringing to Alaska.

This afternoon, I was online finding different meet-up groups for the Anchorage area and finding some Alaska forums. Because I am sure as time goes on that I will have questions that only Alaskan residents can answer and figured this was a good way to find them.

Tonight I happened to check out a feature on google called “Google Calender”. I was using the calender to figure out all the paydays before my move to Alaska. Tonight I realized that my last payday will be March 21st, not March 28th like I originally thought. Which means I could of flown out of AZ a week earlier. My plane ticket is not refundable so I am stuck with the flight date that I have, but I can change my last work day. 🙂

So anyways, I have 12 more paydays before I leave; then I will get a check for my 3-weeks vacation time sent to me after I am gone. Why should I stay any longer then I need to? I figure that I only need to stay long enough to reach my 5-year anniversary and get the 3-week vacation pay. Now I wish I had found this google calender before I bought my plane ticket.

Well, I should get offline so I can make more coffee & microwave popcorn and get back to sorting out books & magazines. Good thing I have about 24 more weeks here because it will take every one of those weeks to get through this decluttering project. I swear, after this move I never, ever want to own this much stuff again; it’s to darn stressful when I want to move.