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Thanksgiving Dinner

I had to add this picture–as it shows the “Green Bean Casserole” right under the plate. Now I have seen this dish in magazines and on TV, but I have never had this traditional holiday dish. It will now become my new thing to request every year. Green beans are not my favorite thing to eat but this dish is “DA BOMB”!! It is so good, that I went and grabbed seconds of it and never did get any of the pies. (Well I had a piece of apple pie at Yavapai on Thanksgiving day and a piece of Pumpkin pie the day after.)
You can not have a holiday dinner without: yams or sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie and now green bean casserole. That’s all I really need on my plate.

Sherry (the blonde) was directing Hope (kid in pink) where to arrange the many pans of food. We ended up having 9 cooked turkeys and 4 or 5 different kinds of stuffing along with way to much other stuff to list.

My main complaint for tonight is that it was sooo cold outside, and we had this meal outside of the rec center. But I am so glad I got invited to this meal as it will be my last Thanksgiving here and it will go down as one of my favorite in a lifetime.

Forrest and most of the kids got together at Liz’s house in Maine. They had to travel through snow to get there. I’m thankful I didn’t have to deal with that.


Online Shopping

Since I have been living here at the Grand Canyon National Park, you could say that I have gotten addicted to online shopping. Actually 1 of my brothers got me hooked on amazon during my first year here when he wanted me to send him books.

Now I am looking for stuff that I want to take with me to Alaska. Pretty sure this kindle will be my next big purchase. Than I can give all my regular books away. I might also get a couple accessories for my camera. And I got an email from amazon the other day telling that they will be shipping out my peanut butter soon. See, you can get anything from amazon…even food. In the past I have ordered instant oatmeal, portien powder, popcorn, lara bars, and even had food sent to my kids. Amazon makes it real convenient by shipping almost anything to my post office box or to the kids mailbox in New England.

Flagstaff is 90 miles away and cost $25+ each way on the shuttle…then you have to figure out the cost & time to get around town just to go shopping and possible end up spending the night in Flagstaff just to get everything done. I would much rather just sit at home and shop online. Usually everytime I go to Flagstaff, I always end up buying things I had not planned on out of boredom while strolling around the stores. A trip to Flagstaff always costs me lots more money then I wanted to spend, so I can save money by shopping online, even when you count in any shipping & handling fees.


Well I’m trying to get this blog listed on the site “Technorati” and in order to do that I need to make a post with a claim # to the site so here it is…

I also had to go through wordpress and figure out how to add the RSS FEED widget. 🙂 Well it seems as if I still need to figure that out because it ain’t working .

I’m hoping that by joining the site, I learn more about this blogging business (that lots of people talk about online) and get more visitors. Eventually maybe (in another year) I can add paid/published blogger to my work history.

Free Lunch

My Free Lunch @ Maswik

I finally used my “free meal card” today at Maswik. I decided to go with something a little different. A taco salad~I had chicken & tofu inside this cripsy shell. I think I will skip the garlic if I ever get this again though. There wasn’t enough black beans in this salad in my opinion, but by the time I was finished with my whole meal I was full. I also had a big salad (but it didn’t fit in the pic). I absolutely love the raspberry tea but at $4 a bottle, I don’t get it often…luckily I get a 50% discount for it when I buy it. Glad a drink was included with my free meal.

After I finished lunch, I got chatting with a friend and somehow he ended up offering to buy my rice-cooker when I leave the park in March. I got it as a Christmas gift a couple years ago and doubt that I will bring it with me up North anyways.

Not sure yet what I will have for dinner later. I have lots of rice so I guess I should figure out if I have anything to add to it…if not I still have time to make it to the store before they close.

Insomnia~my crazy sleep habits

What really is the definition of “Insomnia”? Well I have always had trouble falling back to sleep once I woke up. My dad got me in the habit of waking early in the mornings when I was in school.
Well lately (at least this year) I seem to want to sleep in the daytime which would mean being awake all night long.

Yesterday I only worked for 3 hours. So I got home about 3:30 and in less then an hour later I was asleep and didn’t wake up until almost 11pm. The bad thing about that was that I missed my coffee/dinner time with Caren. Got an email from 1 of the cashiers telling me that Caren waited around 45 minutes for me.

I still say that there needs to be a Denny’s around here for people who are up during the night.

Well now I need to decide if I want to take a “Tylenol PM” to go back to sleep, or just go make coffee and stay up the rest of the night roaming around the internet. Well seeing as I have the next 3 days off from work and can be online then; I think I will take the sleeping pill now. Course when I take the “Tylenol PM” now, it will take an hour or so to actually kick-in and make me fall asleep. Even with the sleeping pills, I will probably only sleep for about 5 hours….at the most

So I took the pills at 12:15am, so I’ll probably fall asleep around 1:30am, and still be awake in time for breakfast. oh yes, sleep & food have become my 2 favorite things.

Granola Bars & called out of work

Well as the title implies, I called out of work this morning. I should really try to figure out what is giving me such heartburn lately. I also need to wear my glasses more often so I don’t get as many headaches.

Seeing as I called out of work, I couldn’t walk down to Maswik to eat. I figure if I ain’t good enough to work, then I shouldn’t be good enough to go in to eat.

So while I was home, I finished up my box of chewy granola bars. It was the variety pack with 4 different flavors.
LOW FAT OATMEAL RAISIN: was my least favorite and had the least calories (90 calories)and when I figured out the Weight-Watcher Points I found that they only had 2 points.
PEANUT BUTTER CHOCO CHIP: had 100 calories, with 25 of those calories coming from fat. These also had 3 Weight-Watcher points.

All 4 flavors had 7 grams of sugar in each bar. The sodium was between 50grams-65grams in each of the bars. Well so much for granola being a ‘health food’ anymore. Maybe it could be healthy (or healthier) if I learned to make my own granola….but that might be hard to do without a stove.

I should go to the store before my weekend gets here and stock up on some fresh fruit. I’m sure fruit is lower in calories and sodium then the granola bars.

Well I’ll go back into work tomorrow, and use the free meal card that Barb gave everyone at work last Saturday, when I eat dinner with Caren tomorrow evening. OOOh that should be an interesting dinner.

My mouth is on F-I-R-E!!!

nullI was trying to be real good with my eating today. I had been tempted to walk down to the cafeteria near my dorm for a bite to eat. Which of course woulda ended up with me getting either a sugar-packed dessert or a greasy pizza from the pizza pub.

So instead I decided to see what I had here in my room. I have lots of rice and seeing as how I ain’t used my rice-cooker for a very long time…probably a few months. I then decided to zap some canned food in the microwave to go with the brown rice. I grabbed a can of diced tomatoes and a can of black-eyed peas. I discovered that both cans had jalapenos in them. I picked out what jalapenos I could see (I don’t like them). I found out very fast that I didn’t pick them all out because as soon as I ate a mouthful of all this….my mouth was on FIRE!!!

All the rice in the world could not cover up the heat from the jalapenos. I soon went to get a can of pears and ate that instead; which did help cool off my mouth.
This should also teach me to pay more attention to what I am buying at the store too…remind me to read labels the next time I go shopping. 🙂

(BTW~Winter is officially here at the Grand Canyon. Got about 3 inches of snow late last night)The weather today turned out to be pretty good.