Well Winter is officially here (in my book) cuz the parking lot is covered in snow when I looked out my window just before 10pm. Another employee here has posted on ‘Facebook’ that we have 2 inches of snow so far. (will be more by morning cuz it’s still snowing). Another person from Kingman said it’s snowing there also but it’s not sticking around on the ground.

Of course New England got slammed with a blizzard and power outtages last week. I got to remember to send the kids some money in Maine so Liz can buy Ryan some boots and more blankets.

This Sunday most of the country will also be changing their clocks…which means the kids will only be 2 hours ahead of me then.

Why does snowy weather put me in the mood for hot chocolate? I don’t have any left so I guess I will have to settle for a cup of peppermint tea instead.

Oh yeah, I found a can of pumpkin pie mix in the general store a couple days ago. Now I need to find the pumpkin-oatmeal recipe online again. Hopefully it was a recipe that can be done in the microwave. Oh heck, I should buy more cans of pumpkin pie mix cuz after Christmas, the stores won’t sell anymore.

I have 1 more day off work, before I start at Maswik. I’ve been off work since Yavapai closed on Sunday. Six days off can drive me insane when I have nowhere to go. I start the late shift (noon-9pm) on Sunday at Maswik.

So tomorrow, I should make sure I find all my Winter stuff. I washed 1 scarf yesterday and I have my crampons (Yak-Traks) sitting on my dresser now. I need to do more laundry tomorrow and wash my jackets. Debating whether I should buy any long-underwear or not.
I might not be crazy about the cold wind that we have had all day but I should get used to it because Alaska will have even more.

OK, I really should finish my tea before it gets to cold (well to late for that). I can warm it back up in the microwave 🙂 and then I need curl up under the blankets and go to sleep. Maybe I’ll go to E-Cafe in the morning for breakfast and get a few pictures of snow in the canyon.