nullI was trying to be real good with my eating today. I had been tempted to walk down to the cafeteria near my dorm for a bite to eat. Which of course woulda ended up with me getting either a sugar-packed dessert or a greasy pizza from the pizza pub.

So instead I decided to see what I had here in my room. I have lots of rice and seeing as how I ain’t used my rice-cooker for a very long time…probably a few months. I then decided to zap some canned food in the microwave to go with the brown rice. I grabbed a can of diced tomatoes and a can of black-eyed peas. I discovered that both cans had jalapenos in them. I picked out what jalapenos I could see (I don’t like them). I found out very fast that I didn’t pick them all out because as soon as I ate a mouthful of all this….my mouth was on FIRE!!!

All the rice in the world could not cover up the heat from the jalapenos. I soon went to get a can of pears and ate that instead; which did help cool off my mouth.
This should also teach me to pay more attention to what I am buying at the store too…remind me to read labels the next time I go shopping. 🙂

(BTW~Winter is officially here at the Grand Canyon. Got about 3 inches of snow late last night)The weather today turned out to be pretty good.