Well as the title implies, I called out of work this morning. I should really try to figure out what is giving me such heartburn lately. I also need to wear my glasses more often so I don’t get as many headaches.

Seeing as I called out of work, I couldn’t walk down to Maswik to eat. I figure if I ain’t good enough to work, then I shouldn’t be good enough to go in to eat.

So while I was home, I finished up my box of chewy granola bars. It was the variety pack with 4 different flavors.
LOW FAT OATMEAL RAISIN: was my least favorite and had the least calories (90 calories)and when I figured out the Weight-Watcher Points I found that they only had 2 points.
PEANUT BUTTER CHOCO CHIP: had 100 calories, with 25 of those calories coming from fat. These also had 3 Weight-Watcher points.

All 4 flavors had 7 grams of sugar in each bar. The sodium was between 50grams-65grams in each of the bars. Well so much for granola being a ‘health food’ anymore. Maybe it could be healthy (or healthier) if I learned to make my own granola….but that might be hard to do without a stove.

I should go to the store before my weekend gets here and stock up on some fresh fruit. I’m sure fruit is lower in calories and sodium then the granola bars.

Well I’ll go back into work tomorrow, and use the free meal card that Barb gave everyone at work last Saturday, when I eat dinner with Caren tomorrow evening. OOOh that should be an interesting dinner.