My Free Lunch @ Maswik

I finally used my “free meal card” today at Maswik. I decided to go with something a little different. A taco salad~I had chicken & tofu inside this cripsy shell. I think I will skip the garlic if I ever get this again though. There wasn’t enough black beans in this salad in my opinion, but by the time I was finished with my whole meal I was full. I also had a big salad (but it didn’t fit in the pic). I absolutely love the raspberry tea but at $4 a bottle, I don’t get it often…luckily I get a 50% discount for it when I buy it. Glad a drink was included with my free meal.

After I finished lunch, I got chatting with a friend and somehow he ended up offering to buy my rice-cooker when I leave the park in March. I got it as a Christmas gift a couple years ago and doubt that I will bring it with me up North anyways.

Not sure yet what I will have for dinner later. I have lots of rice so I guess I should figure out if I have anything to add to it…if not I still have time to make it to the store before they close.