What really is the definition of “Insomnia”? Well I have always had trouble falling back to sleep once I woke up. My dad got me in the habit of waking early in the mornings when I was in school.
Well lately (at least this year) I seem to want to sleep in the daytime which would mean being awake all night long.

Yesterday I only worked for 3 hours. So I got home about 3:30 and in less then an hour later I was asleep and didn’t wake up until almost 11pm. The bad thing about that was that I missed my coffee/dinner time with Caren. Got an email from 1 of the cashiers telling me that Caren waited around 45 minutes for me.

I still say that there needs to be a Denny’s around here for people who are up during the night.

Well now I need to decide if I want to take a “Tylenol PM” to go back to sleep, or just go make coffee and stay up the rest of the night roaming around the internet. Well seeing as I have the next 3 days off from work and can be online then; I think I will take the sleeping pill now. Course when I take the “Tylenol PM” now, it will take an hour or so to actually kick-in and make me fall asleep. Even with the sleeping pills, I will probably only sleep for about 5 hours….at the most

So I took the pills at 12:15am, so I’ll probably fall asleep around 1:30am, and still be awake in time for breakfast. oh yes, sleep & food have become my 2 favorite things.