Since I have been living here at the Grand Canyon National Park, you could say that I have gotten addicted to online shopping. Actually 1 of my brothers got me hooked on amazon during my first year here when he wanted me to send him books.

Now I am looking for stuff that I want to take with me to Alaska. Pretty sure this kindle will be my next big purchase. Than I can give all my regular books away. I might also get a couple accessories for my camera. And I got an email from amazon the other day telling that they will be shipping out my peanut butter soon. See, you can get anything from amazon…even food. In the past I have ordered instant oatmeal, portien powder, popcorn, lara bars, and even had food sent to my kids. Amazon makes it real convenient by shipping almost anything to my post office box or to the kids mailbox in New England.

Flagstaff is 90 miles away and cost $25+ each way on the shuttle…then you have to figure out the cost & time to get around town just to go shopping and possible end up spending the night in Flagstaff just to get everything done. I would much rather just sit at home and shop online. Usually everytime I go to Flagstaff, I always end up buying things I had not planned on out of boredom while strolling around the stores. A trip to Flagstaff always costs me lots more money then I wanted to spend, so I can save money by shopping online, even when you count in any shipping & handling fees.